U by Kotex, sale price 5.49. 20% cartwheel plus two $2 off ($2.40) coupons and one $1 off ($3.40) coupon. Which totaled $8.40 because I bought three. Also got a $5 target gift card back.

Bounty paper towels, originally $1.07. With .75 cent coupon I paid .34 cents each (I bought two and had to open one as soon as I got home bc our puppy tinkled)

Lipton green tea, originally $2.14. With 25% off from cartwheel and a $1 off coupon I ended up paying .60 cents. (I bought one)

Hormel compleats reg. $2.37 with 30% cartwheel and $3 off three coupon I paid .65 each. (I bought 6)

Motts fruit chews reg $1.75. With .50 cent coupon I paid $1.25. (Bought two)

Digorno pizza I bought 4 for $4.50 each. Which is $18 and with the buy two get one free coupon I received 2 free pizzas. And 2 free 2 liter Pepsi products with the target promotion. (Totals 6 pizzas and 2 two liters)

M&ms plus snickers, sale price $1. With $1 off two. Totals .50 cents each. (I bought 6).

Yakisobo noodles, reg .82 cents. I had $1 off three coupon. I bought nine. (I saw the ad to buy these at Kroger bc they were on sale, but they were .13 cents cheaper at my target before coupons so I re planned since an item on my target list was out of stock.)

Minute rice reg 2.49. I had a $1 off coupon so I paid 1.49 each. However there is a $1 rebate from checkout 51. My boyfriend and I each have an account. So we split the transaction and bought two.

Also bought two air wick plug in, however for got to put in the picture. Price was $1.37 but had a $1 off coupon. Paid .37 cents and bought two.

First transaction was Kotex and rice. I used the gift card on the
second transaction and also put both in my target card for an extra 5% savings. My total out of pocket was $38.47 on a total of $107+

I apologize if my wording is hard to understand. I am really proud of myself since this is my first big savings trip. I want to thank my bf Zack who’s most supportive and Thank you KCL bc it would not be possible with out y’all!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Touchdown at Target”

Of course, you’re welcome!!




Great job, thanks so much for sharing


I forgot to deduct the $2 rebate I’ll be getting from checkout 51. Which makes my total $36.47