Kraft macaroni .79¢ sale – bought 3 to use the $1/3 digital Walgreens coupon. .46¢ each when you buy 3.

Hallmark cards .99¢ – bought 5 to get the 3000 reward points.

Ramen (not on sale, no avail coupon) $1.39

Mio Water enhancers – $3.99 reg x2 to get the 2000 reward points.

156oz Enfamil formula – $25.99 sale price

(Not pictured) 1 gal Milk – $3.49 reg price

Used my $7.00 enfamil coupon, $1.00 digital Kraft macaroni coupon

= $38.17 out of pocket.
5000 point bonus when you spend $30, plus 6000 point bonus when you spend $30. Plus 2000 from the mio, 3000 from the Hallmark cards… And a mysterious, unaccounted for additional 2000 points
= 18,000 reward points (equal to $20)

Making my total out of pocket expenses $17.17 for $50.91 (regular priced) worth of product (that’s 66% savings!)


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4 thoughts on “Unexpected Brag Worthy Haul At Walgreens! 66% Savings!”

Hi, you can found hallmarks manufacturer coupon of 2$ off in Walmart and use for this deal.


I only had to buy 3 cards at .99 cents to get the 3000 points. I went back a second time and bought 6 more cards at .99 and did the spend 30 receive 10000 points deal for the Zantac and alls seltzer and 1000 for Carmex after I bought 4. That transaction I received 27,000 points which is 5,000 more than expected but he scanned points booster from paper and I had it clipped to card and i guess it took both!


There are Mobisave rebates for the Mio water


I counted that, i just forgot to type it in. My OOP was $18.17 after the points I earned were deducted, -$1 for the mio on Mobisave is how i got down to the $17.17 OOP! 🙂