Let me see if I can explain my family dollar had a lot of clearance the red n white packs under yellow packs are Huggies diapers size 5 3 pks. They were on clearance for .60 per 3 pk but when I got to register they scanned .10 a pk I got 12 so that’s $1.20 for 36 diapers the kids toothbrushes clearance .60 again rang up .10 got 5 that’s .50 the nivea cream .84 oz clearance .60 rang up .10 each got 4 so .40 Pringles and cgeez its rang up .10 ea. Got 5 So .50 white rain shapoo n conditioner reduced to .60 rang up .30 ea got 2 of Each for$1.20 the ponds face wipes reduced to $2.05 got 2 used $3/2 ponds st Ives cpn 30 pk paid $1.10 for both pks. Cottonelle wipes marked down to $2 rang up $1.50 used one .50/1 cpn paid $1 caress body wash marked down to 2.50 used $1/1 make it $1.50 the scrubby wah things scotch brite marked down to $1.50 each used $2/2 paid $1 for both that was all at family dollar Then cvs viva paper towels used .75/1 viva VPN and $1/1 in app cvs cpn paid $2.99 cvs toddler wipes yellow pks $1.49 each. Mitchum deodorant .99 ea. With $2/1 cpn oh and suave deodorant at family dollar was $1 used .50/1 cpn making it .50 and cvs Carmel’s just had to have them on sale .99 no coupon. Total at family dollar was $9.48 total at cvs and almay shadow .21 for both cvs…


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