18 VS PINK tanks, tees and long sleeve tees + FREE umbrella.

Original price TOTAL (pretax): $576.10
Total OOP (pretax): $102.52

Had all $10 SECRET REWARDS cards, used in lots of different transactions!! Items were on sale + $10 off.
Individual prices range: $3.99-$13.99

Thank you for the tip about the cards!!! Waiting patiently was totally worth it, I still have 3 $10 cars left and I don’t believe I’ve received them all!!! 😍😍

**obviously these aren’t from target I had to pick a store and VS wasn’t a choice**


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5 thoughts on “VICTORIA SECRET HAUL!”

That’s awesome


that’s awesome! ???? can you tell me if this is still going on? if so how you did if I’m asking to much then could you just tell me if it’s still going on.


it’s not going on anymore, we’re just coming into the last days to redeem the secret rewards…KCL posted something about 2 months ago about sending in every day for a month to receive secret reward cards…apparently they do it spring and fall, so it will probably happen again in a couple of months (keep your eyes open)…..I sent one request every day for about 23 days, and received 23 cards, it is definitely worth it!! I got about $300 worth of stuff and only had to pay about $35 out of pocket!


How??? What do I need to do??


My first transaction I had a very nice cashier who was willing to use multiple cards so I was able to use about 10-$10 cards plus two birthday angel rewards which can always be combined with secret rewards. From what I’ve read and my other encounter, the fact that she let me combine was an anomaly but maybe you could luck up!
If I had known she was going to let me do that I would have used all of my cards but it was a HUGE line and she just decided to do it last minute!

For my other transactions though, I found all of them on the clearance rack, priced from $13.99-$23.99 therefore after the $10 = about $3-13!!!

I hope this isn’t confusing!