I had only three items on my list today, just want to get a taste, so I choose to start small. The items were Ziploc, green works and Dannon crunch. First they run out of the crunch, then the green works did not have the $5 gift card offer, luckily I found a store manager and got my $5 gc.

But at the end I still missed one thing!!! Errr…And paid $7 more than planned on these green works… They wasn’t on sale at my target store, WHAT?? How come!!! Newbie me didn’t even realize that until I’m back in my car…

Final price: $10, paid about $18, and got a $5 gc and a $3 store credit. Wish me better luck next time!

Btw is there a way to price match the sales price on these green works?


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4 thoughts on “Did my virgin run today, and i messed up…Target!”

Not all stores have the same sale prices. At target they have price checkers so you can see the price, sometimes I don’t see a sale sign but the scanner verifies the sale price. My target didn’t have that sale either (Green Bay, WI)


I made mistakes when I first started. It took a few tries, but it gets easier and cheaper!


target only price match one per identical item


Its ok. We all make mistakes. I make most of my mistakes when I feel rushed or the store is out of stock and I have to recalculate. Better luck next time though!