1 Tease perfume set
2 Fragrance gift sets
4 body mists
4 body lotions
1 pair Ultimate leggings
1 pair shorts
12 pairs of underwear
1 wristlet
4 Travel size body wash/scrubs
1 “Lucky” tee shirt
4 headbands

Used multiple Secret Rewards cards: $10 each. Used separate transactions and ended up with $529 (pretax) value for about $80 (pretax) oop.

I splurged because I wanted the perfume ($15 oop) and the Ultimate leggings ($60 on sale for $30 – $10 reward= $20 oop). Otherwise oop would’ve been about $50! + cost of postage for SRCs.

This was my first time sending away for SRC’s and it paid off! Thanks KCL.


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6 thoughts on “VS: one trip, many transactions!”

did the cards expire on the 27th. I would like to know because I never had a chance to use mine.


How you get the reward cards can you explain thank you !!


The rewards cards ended already right?


Awesome job
This was my first time too, made a few mistakes redeeming, had everything ready for 10 separate transactions and then when I got to the register, the cashier let everyone use them all in one transaction but I was still happy. Free means free no tax either
I learned for next time


How do you do that? How do you get those rewards?!