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Wags Wow for Me!


Sorry all, no pic of items. not good at it yet and honestly I just hope the pic I selected is what I think it is! Ok, been at this about 3 mos so I am still new. I went to Wags with 11 RR in pocket and this is what I got.

8 Starbucks
used 8 free mq

12 pepsi 2L
no coupons but needed

4 Nat Relief
used 4 $1 off mq

1 midnite
used 1 $1 off

2 lysol kitchen
used 1/2 mq
6 Hefty bags
used 2 .15 mq

2 honey made grahms
2 hershey’s six pk
2 jet puffed marsmlws
used 1/2 mq
and 1/2 sq
and 2 $1 mq when you buy all three items

4 kabang energy candies for fillers. smallest price I could find. no caramels or sm laffy taffy at our wags

I shop on Thursdays for additional 15% military disc.

I was going to get some Schick Silck Razors but both of our Wags are out so it messed up my scenarios and I had to mix it up a bit and ended up spending a little more oop but having more RR left over.

ok, final breakdown
total 130.48
OOP 31.28
save 99.20

Thats 76% savings with $20 RR left over or 82% savings if you factor in the $9 gain in additional RR from my original 11 Depends on how you like to look at it! Yay Wags!!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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