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WALGREENS…$143 worth of items for $46.16!!!…(75% savings)


With sales,coupons and register rewards: OOP=$46.16 w/$9 register rewards left! before=$143.40


8 carmex..2/$3..used 4/.30 off MQ ($8 RR)= $2.80

6 (10ct) cottenelle wipes..$1.29..used 3/.50 off MQ ($6 RR)=$.24

2 (84ct) cottenelle wipes…$3.49..used .50 off MQ ($4 RR)= $2.50

4 12PK cottenelle toilet paper…$5..used $4off WQ…3/.50 off MQ ($4 RR)=$10.50

14 suave shampoo and conditioners…$1…($14 RR)…$FREE

4 kleenex 4 packs….$4….used $4off WQ…used 4/.50 off MQ ($4RR)= $6

7 Infusium products..$4.99…used 7/$1 off MQ…($21 RR)

10 Dawn…$.99..used 5/.75 off MQ…and 5/.50 off MQ=$3.65

1 Glade kit and 1 refill…$1.99 for refill…used $1 off MQ and B1G1 FREE MQ for the kit, making this a .01 moneymaker!

SO….$46.16 OOP….with $9 RR for later for $143 worth of items!! I’m still getting the hang of this, so for my breakdown I just went threw and added up all my receipt totals to get the OOP, and add all the TOTAL SAVINGS to the OOP to get the total value.  Also..on a few transactions i used the rewards balance card and it caused me to miss out on $6 worth of RR for the suave and infusium(that sucks!)



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