I got awesome deal at Walgreens today using 25% off coupon pass. Great money maker on Almay, herbal essence, and Aussie


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3 thoughts on “Walgreens 25% off”

I haven’t had any luck using multiple coupons at walgreens. My trip to the 25% off sale was a complete bust. Is there an art to this, some kind of special way you perk your eyebrows, or am I just special? And, some of my digital coupons won’t post to my receipt. It happens every trip! To top it all off, the mgr at my Walgreens is a man, mid 30’s, and his response to all that goes wrong…well. lady, it’s just like that, there’s nothing I can do about it. So glad somebody out there in KCL Land is having success at Walgreen’s because I’m sure NOT!


I’m having the same problem in South Carolina. A lot of my digital coupons won’t post and I never get the $10 register reward that I’m suppose to get with my purchase. They sometimes try to to rectify the situation if I tell them the problem.