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Walgreen’s & Albertsons trip :)


when I was at walgreen’s last week, I saw that tuna pouches were on clearnace (but didn’t pay attention to what brand they were)…. traded coupns w/ someone, got Starkist q’s in the mail today… went back to Walgreen’s to look at the Tuna pouches… but it was Bumble Bee brand that were on clearance :( oh well.

anways, checked out the lcearance section… found some Irish Spring deodorant marked down to like 2.19… didn’t have any q’s :(…. but when I saw that there is a RR this week WYB2, I figured this would be a good deal, and a great way to get some RR’s again (tried to do the Colgate deal a few weeks ago, but screwed up, so didn’t get any new rr’s)

Trans 1-3
2 irish spring deo.
rec. 3$ rr

realized I needed a filler for Trans 4, and there was an elderly gentleman walking up to check out, let him do so while I went and grabbed the chips for my hubby :)
Depend Adjustable underwear 16 pk, marked down from 14.49 all the way down to 3.62!!
4 Doritos grab bags 2/2.00

1/1 Depends mq from one of last weeks inserts
2 of the 3$ rr’s I got in the previous transactions :)
oop: 1.08!!

total for trip: 14.12—- LESS than the regular price of the package of Depends!!! WOW!!

saved (according to the reciepts– not like I would have EVER paid reg. price for most of this!!): 30.57
that’s probably about a 65% savings! :)

and I still have 1 3$ rr for next time…

2 Theater Boxes of Raisinets clearanced to 1$ ea
4 Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks on sale 1.99, additional 2$ off WYB4
2 Lay’s potato Chips (hubby wanted them) bogo- 4.29 for both
1 yoplait greek 4 pk. on sale 2/5$
2 Colgate whitening toothpaste 3.49
3 Flavorite brand stir fry vegetables clearanced to 1.39
2 PictSweet brussels sprouts bogo. 2.69 for both
1 Jennie- O grnd turkey 3.99

2$ purchase of more than 15$ that I recieved a few weeks ago.
1$ off more than 4$ of dental care items that I recieved a few weeks ago
2 .75/ Colgate mq’s
2 1$/1 Ocean Spray fruit snacks & 1 .60/2 Ocean spray or Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks pq’s

know I could’ve done better— other colgate items were on 10/10 sale…. but I got the q’s for the colgate I bought in the mail today, and they expire soon, so wanted to use at least one or two…
Wish I had had q’s for more of the items, but oh well. At least I got everything on sale or clearance! can’t complain ’bout that– esp w/ frozen veggies & meats!

total oop: 25.98
total saved (again, according to the reciept… I wouldn’t pay full price for most of these, not at Albies especially!): 27.55—- 52% savings!

and, I saw that in the clearance section were some Depends items (incl the same thing I bought at Walreen’s!), but this time I decided to do the coupon fairy thing and left any applicable Depends q’s I had on the shelf in case someone else can use them. and I shared about it on my FB page in case anyof my local friends were interested. :)

total all together of both trips: 40.10
total saved: 58.12

plus I think they were still doing double gas rewards at Albies today :)

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