1 All laundry detergent 66 load
3 Oxi Clean HD 20 loads each
4 Tide 24 loads each
2 Dawn dish soap
2 puff tissues 124 each
1 charmin
Three translation:
$1/1 mf Tide c
$3/3 mf Tide c
$0.25 charmin
2 mf c $0.25 puff
3 mf c $3/1 Oxi clean Hd
After coupons total oop $40.43
$10 registered reward
$0.10 dish soap mobisave
$1.00 puffs checkout51
13 items for $29.33


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3 thoughts on “Walgreens brag”

My puff tissues weren’t on sale it rang $2.49 each and detergent All weren’t on the deal list. I grabbed it because it was on clearance for 4.99-original price $9.99


I got all this for only 7$ oop


How you did it?