– 3 gilette venus shaving cream
-2 crest pro health toothpaste
-2 crest mouthwash

-$1.25/2 crest toothpaste
– $1.25/1 crest mouth wash
– $3/1 Venus Razor coupon **
– $4 register rewards from previous purchase

** The 3/1 venus coupon I used on accident. I meant to grab my two $2/1 gilette shaving cream coupons, but grabbed the ones for the razors by mistake. I’m not saying the coupon will work for everyone else, but by the time both the cashier and I realized it was the wrong coupon, the register still took off the $3. I had two of these coupons, but they would only take one since technically it was the wrong coupon.

Paid 13.43 and recieved $11 in register rewards. ($5 For purchasing 3 shaving creams and $6 for the toothpaste and mouthwash)

The visit didn’t go as well as I expected since I made a rookie mistake and grabbed the wrong coupons, but still a pretty decent haul worth bragging about.


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One thought on “Walgreens haul for $2.43”

I purchased 2 crest pro-health mouth wash 500ml for $4.49 each used 2 1/$1.25mq. Rolled 3000pts paid $4.41 and realized I didn’t get my $4 RR back as it was stating on the price tag ” buy 2 get $4rr”. So manager came and figured out it was last weeks deal but sence they didn’t change the tag I got 5000pt on my card which makes money making trip by $0.59.