Transaction #1-
3 Crest Mouthwashes @ $5.99 each, used three $2.00 off coupons and I added a $0.75 brownie as a filler. The total was $12.72 and I used a $10.00 Register Reward from the razor deal and the total was $4.02 OOP. Plus there was a $1 rebate on Checkout51. And I received a $10 RR for buying three participating items.

Trans #2-
Bought another three mouthwashes at $5.99, used three $2 coupons and used 10,000 points for a total of $3.27 OOP. Received a $10 Register Reward.

Trans #3-
Bought 2 smaller Crest mouthwashes at $3.99 each and used two $2.00 coupons and added another $0.75 brownie as a filler. Used a $2 register reward from Aussie deal for a total of $3.31. Received $4 RR and got $1 rebate from Checkout51 for 3D mouthwash.

Trans #4-
2 Simple makeup removers on clearance for $2.99 each, used 2 $1.50 coupons. Had a $1 rebate on Ibotta and received 1000 Balance Points for buying 2!
2 Almay makeup removers at $5.99 each(buy one get one 50% off… So $2.99 for second one), used $5.00/2 and $4.00/2 Walgreens book coupon.
2 Clean&Clear facial cleansers on clearance for $3.69 and $2.99. Used $3.50/2 Walgreens book coupon.
1 Kotex liner for $4.99, used $1 coupon from Kotex website and $1 coupon from Walgreens book. Also had a $2 Ibotta rebate.

Total retail- $103.24
Total OOP (I included tax for Ohio because some of my receipts didn’t show without tax)- $12.87
Rebates/- $5.00
Bonus Points- $1.00 (1000 points)
Register Rewards- $24.00

For a grand total oooooffff……
NEGATIVE $17.13 woohoo!!
Plus my Walgreens doesn’t sell the individual Brookside Bars so they ordered any boxes I wanted and I have over 60 boxes coming tomorrow! Yay!


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5 thoughts on “Walgreens is the best!”

60 boxes or bars ?!!


60 boxes of 12 bars so 720 bars! I have a LARGE family and my Walgreens doesn’t sell them normally so I was able to get what I wanted! Yay!


That’s great at my Walgreens I asked if they will have more they said that maybe it was a seasonal item sounds like they don’t want to reorder.Theshelfs are empty,I was thinking they might order more but they didn’t even try I’m so annoyed !!!!!!!




That’s amazing ! So many goodies