Got 2 box pull ups(pictured only one) 1 box huggies over night
1 pack huggies ;1 pack pampers ;2 pack well beginnings ; good nites
Medela nipple shield, mustela stretch marks gel and cream ; pull ups flushable wipes and 2 Nivea in shower
1 st transaction well diapers $4.99+$2.49
Used 2 $2off from paid $3.48+ tax( which is really high in Chicago)
2nd transaction 2 box pull ups each $14.99 , huggies overnight $11.99, huggies little movers $6.24 , pampers cruiser $6.24 , good nites $2.29 and pull ups wipes
Used coupons 3 huggies coupons $2 off , one $2 off paid $50.00 out of pocket got $10 register rewards and 10,000 points
3rd transaction Nivea in shower buy one get one 50% off $3.99 + 1.99, mustela cream$4.49 (regularly $42.99and mustela gel $3.99(regularly $37.99) medela nipple shield $3.39(regularly $12.99)


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2 thoughts on “Walgreens is the best!”

Check your Ibotta for the $3 rebate for an Huggies diaper pack, $3 for Goodnights and $3 for Pull-ups


Yes checked but it’s gone 🙁 it was available last week