4 transactions

1 Scrunci $2.99-$2 register reward
1 trolli $1-$1 register reward
2 two-pack oral-b glide floss buy 2 ($11.98) get $5 reg reward-$1.50 coupon-$1.25 coupon
2 Lysol 2 for $5-1000 points reward-$1 on 2 coupon
(Did 1 bounty for last transaction instead of Lysol $4.99-$1 coupon-$1 Ibotta-$1 checkout51)
Each total came to about $21 which triggered $7 in points when spend 20

Bonus point offer for 5x everyday points added 1000 points per tx

Came to free for Lysol transactions and small moneymaker for bounty
Only nonprintable was the Lysol coupons but there are other useable ones.

Also look for random freebie razors and Gatorade bar Catalinas that may print

(My store didn’t have the charmin basic which would make this even better with rebates)