Rite Aid

1 LED Lightbulb $16.99, on sale $7.99
Used $1.00 mfg, received $7.99 points

1 Dulcolax $8.99, on sale $6.99
Used $3.00 mfg, mailed rebate
FREE, or $3.00 moneymaker depending on rebate amount


2 Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm $7.29 each
On sale 2/$7.00
Used 2 $2.00 mfg, received $2.00 back
$.50 each

2 Crest 3D Mouthwash $6.49 each
On sale 2/$8.00
Used 2 $2.00 mfg, received $3.00 back
$.50 each

1 Dulcolax $9.49
Used $3.00 mfg, submitted rebate
FREE or moneymaker depending on rebate amt

Received 4,000 ($4.00) points for spending $20 at Walgreens, plus 1,600 ($1.60) bonus points.

$4.60 MONEYMAKER or more for all!!!


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3 thoughts on “Walgreens And Rite Aid Moneymaker”

I saw this after I asked this silly question lol. Hello register rewards lol! Just made my first Walgreens trip & did great!


I am confused. New to couponing. Walgreens policy states that cash back is never given?


They are not giving you cash, but you do get points or register rewards which can be used just like cash on your next purchase.