Smiths: Cereal was on sale for $1.49 each, but you had to buy 2. I bought 4 total use 2/$1 off coupon and each box total at $1/each.

Walgreens: All was on sale for 2/$6. I used 2/$1 off coupons and it came to 2/$4. Dawn soap was on sale for .99 and I use an coupon for. 25 totaling it at .74. Shaving cream was originally $2.99, I used $1 off coupon and total to $1.99, the all purpose cleaner was 2/$6, used 1/$1 and came down to 2/$5 and received an $1 register rewards . And finally the body wash was on sale for 3.49, I used $1 off coupon and receive
$1.50 register rewards.
Retail price : $37.23
Savings :12.56
Register rewards:$2.50

I’m still learning so not bad for a beginning. Any advice is great and welcome. Thanks