Did you get the high value $7 off any Vichy coupon in 10/2’s paper? Check your Walgreen’s, Vichy has their own end cap area in the makeup section.
Normally $47, marked down to $11.75 less $7 coupon = $4.75. Don’t forget to sign up for Walgreen’s new beauty club program first. A store near me had other Vichy items marked down, some to $5 (so the coupon wouldn’t work on anything below the $7 value, Walgreen’s policy).
Also bought 2 Met-Rex bars normally$2.99 each or 2 for $5 on sale, but the protein plus were marked down to $1.49 each, bought 2 and used a new $1 off 2 coupon in this Sunday’s paper and then submitted to Ibotta for 75 cents off one.
The pepsi, is a guilty pleasure, even though I’ve been off all sodas for at least 3 months now, They are used as a reward for the older kids, limits are no more than 1 small bottle a day (if they earn the reward)! I rolled last week’s register rewards from the Venus shave gels, which was a money maker over into this splurge.


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3 thoughts on “Walgreens, Vichy $7 coupon”

Does anyone knows if PGs inserts should be in every Sunday paper or its once or twice a month? For some reason I get only once a month…so I want to make sure before calling and make a complain to the Sunday paper


PG is usually the last sunday of the month, so only one time a month…Love KCL’s site, but too hard to search for upcoming inserts for what to look out for. So I’ll search Klip2save, they show pictures of the coupons from which inserts usually by the Wednesday before it comes out. I’ve only ordered from them twice in the past… usually for pet deals/coupons that I don’t get in my paper. Otherwise, I just stick to my 4, but lately it’s just been one…. my couponing goes in spurts. I can get off Pepsi, but harder to get off couponing.


Great job. Vichy was a regional coupon. Didn’t get it in TX – boo SS!!!