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Mendy Harrison



Today was TAX FREE HOLIDAY in Florida. You are able to get A LOT of school supplies TAX FREE!!!! I went a little crazy. Not only did I buy supplies for my sons (2), but I also bought extra to send to school with my youngest son. Some families can not afford school supplies. I basically bought everything a child would need for his grade (1st Grade) except for book bags…. they are a little expensive to buy multiple…. In all I spent $74.45 ( NO TAX ). I saved $5.21 in tax…. Not a lot but also EVERYTHING was majorly marked down. 24 count Crayola Crayons are normally a little over $2 but I got $.50 per pack (Total I got 8 & only cost me 4…. Normally I would have only gotten maybe 2 for that much…. Definitely worth it!!! I was able to get Markers (big & also packs that were washable) for $.50 a pack….. stocked up on everything…. 90% of what I bought was under $1….. HUGE SAVINGS when you look at what they cost normally…. plus NO TAX!!!



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