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Walmart Freebies, sales, and cheap produce!


I ventured to WalMart and HyVee today for some goodies! Found some good sales I didn’t even know about!


4 Sierra Mist Strawberry Kiwi, $1.00 each
4 x $1/1 Man Q

10 Kotex packs, $0.94 each
5 x $2/2 Man Q
=FREE + 0.60 overage

6 Beech Nut Fruities, $0.98
6 x $1/1 Man Q
=FREE + 0.12 overage

Gain Dish Soap, 0.97
1 x $0.50/1 Man Q

OOP, $0.47 plus tax. I bought my 3 yr old daughter some paints (she was too excited to use them so she wouldn’t let me put them in the picture) but everything here was free, I only paid for her paints and tax!

Had my first bad encounter with WalMart customer service….only 3 of my BeechNut coupons were working, so the pleasant cashier called a manager to help. The manager said bluntly, “well that’s because she photocopied them” without even looking at them. Nice thing to say loudly when there was a bunch of people behind me. I calmly told her “First, that is illegal” then I pointed out how each coupon has the different code in the upper right corner. She said “thank you for telling me, I’d never heard of that before” so at least she admitted it, but no apology of course. She put the other 3 coupons through as Vendor Coupons so they all worked. UGH!

Anyways…on to the grocery store where they were having a big 2 day produce sale! We only have HyVee here so there’s no competition for grocery prices so whenever there’s good sales, I jump all over them! They don’t double coupons either. Their prices sometimes seem high to me, but I recently moved here from a place where there was 4 grocery chains and things seemed cheaper!


4 Gold Peak Tea, sale $1.00 each (normally $1.39!)
4 x $0.50/1 Man Q
= $2.00

4 pound package of strawberries, $4.99
*I don’t know what’s normal elsewhere, but usually we pay between $3 and $4 per pound, especially in off season!

2.5 pounds of grapes, $2.50 (0.99/lb)

3 Father’s Day cards, 2 for $1.00 sale!
=$1.50 for all 3!

OOP $11.64 with tax! :)

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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