Walmart had their Glade items cheap. 50 cent candles, 75 cent wax melts, $2 warmers. I bought 2 candles, 2 wax melts, 1 warmer and 4 oil plugins($1.38) each. Used 4 $1.00 off 2 glade item coupons.- I plan to use my higher dollar ones at target later. Spent $10.02 then used $4 of coupons. for a $6.02 total. Turned in to Checkout 51 for $3.00 rebate for the warmers, (2x) 50 cent rebate for candles, (2x) 50 cent rebate for wax melts and (4x) 75 cent rebate for oil plug ins. That makes my total purchase $2.02. Then on friday I should receive a bonus of $8.00 for the 4 rebates i did (1- buy 2 candles,1 – buy 2 melts and 2 – buy 2 oil plugins making this a %5.98 money maker!! Sorry I gave away the melts and candles to a few ladies at work before i could take a picture!


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2 thoughts on “Walmart Glade haul”

I buy glade winter collection at Target and submit on checkout51 too but my don’t show any bonus at all? And the $5 ecoupon from Walmart when you buy SCjohnson company master card my Walmart doesn’t let me use it, that why I don’t bother to do it


forgot to mention i also am sending in for the $5 gift card! So its a $10.98 money maker