Suddenly Salad $1.88 each
Used $1/2
Savings catcher will price match to Dollar General ($1)
Final price .50 cents each

Bic lighter $3.14
Price matched to Target $2.55
Used $2 off
Final price: .55 cents

Gain Flings $4.47
Used $2 off coupon
Submit $2 rebate Checkout51
Final price: .47 cents

Banana Boat
Price matched $5.69
Used $1 off
Submitted $2 rebate to Ibotta
Final price $2.69

Old El Paso taco shells $1.12
Old El Paso Mexican Rice $1.68
Old El Paso taco seasoning .82 cents
Used $1/3
Final price $2.62


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One thought on “WalMart Trip under $8”

Awesome!!! Thanks for posting for a newbie!!