This one had some weird cash register Kung-Fu but I’m not complaining. I’m going to get detailed because this might be a good case study in CVS totalling.

Started off with having $13 in ECB’s they gave me that didn’t process last week (I’ll explain at the bottom)

Transaction #1
Excedrin / Reeses / CVS Office Supply

*I know the office supplies are overpriced and I could have crushed it at Staples but I was there and I needed another coupon organizer

Buy (4) Excedrin PM, 24 ct – Reg: 6.39, Sale $4.99
Used 4/1.50 off coupons (Various sources)
Used 2/$12 Redbox Coupon (Advil, Excedrin, ect)
Total: $11.96
Got: 8 ECB

Buy (1) Reeses PB Eggs – $0.99
Total: $0.99
Got: $0.99 ECB

Index Card Organizer – $1.37
Paper Clips – $3.19
Coupon Expand-a-File $6.79 *Blah!
Total: $11.35
Got: $3.00 ECB

Also Applied – 20% off your Order Redbox coupon <—- I did not ask for this to be applied, Anyone know if I can get it back?
Rolled $13 in ECB’s

Total out of Pocket – $5.31 – Got $8.99 in ECB’s
*The weird thing with this was before the ECB’s got applied, it showed my balance going up, then down. It moved fast but I can tell you my balance was more than $20 when she finally put in the ECB’s in the balance kinda fluxuated up and down until it settled. The checkout lady was quite “unfriendly” tonight even though I went out of my way to make it quick.

Transaction #2

*I kinda got irritated at this one, the website shows the 1L Scope for $4.49 but my store it was $5.29 and they won’t price match the website.

Buy (2) Scope 1L Outlast Mouthwash – Reg: $5.29
Used (2) $0.75/1 off coupons (
Total: $10.58
Got: $8.00 ECB

Rolled the last $8.99 in ECB’s

Total out of Pocket – $0.10 – Got $8.00 ECB
** Old lady Cratchet at the register seemed annoyed at this!
Transaction #3
Colgate / Nivea

Buy (2) Nivea In Shower- Reg: $7.99
Used $2/2 off coupons RP 2/14
Total: $11.98
Got: $5.00 ECB *Should have (See below)

Buy (1) Colgate Total Daily 4.0z Toothpast – Reg $3.99, Sale $3.29
Used (1) $2/2 Coupon (Last weeks inserts)
Used (1) $2 off Colgate Redbox Coupon
Total: -$0.61

Rolled $8 in ECBs
Total Out of Pocket – $0.40 Did not get my Nivea ECB’s (grr)
* Register did some were kungfu again aftershe applied the CVS coupon but it went through
Total out of Pocket – $5.81

Not bad IMO. So here’s the take away, my questions.
1. Can I get the 20% coupon back? I think what happened was she tried to tell me she couldn’t apply the $2/$12 on the excedrin because it was on sale, then proceeded to operated the terminal like it was the first time she saw it, like she was playing video poker…. Then all of a sudden, she graciously said “Oh I might be able to, let me try it…” I think she hit the 20% off by mistake and didn’t want to fix it.

2. When you search on the website for Nivea it brings you to the Nivea store page. In the middle it has [$5 ExtraBucks® Rewards when you spend $10 on any NIVEA body lotion, in-shower body lotion or body wash.]. I definately got the right items but it didn’t ring, its not only only but its not listed anywhere. This I can still get this?

3. More weirdness with the CVS receipts. Last Saturday I took my wife and we got NYX cosmetics $15 get $5 ecb’s. It was a big order so we didn’t notice we didn’t get it, it was $14.27 on the receipt. So like the great guy I am I went to another CVS later on that day (Near closing time). Bought 1 $6 NYX product (since what do I know about cosmetics!!) so it should have triggered. It didn’t and it was closing time so I figured maybe since it was the last night of the deal maybe the computers would add it to my card. I didn’t but the strange thing was when I checked the new receipt, it showed my NYX purchases were down to $14.00 even at the bottom. It was $14.27, 7 hours later I bought $6+ and now its $14? I got it back today but very strange.

It’s still fun, like performing magic!


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2 thoughts on “Weird but Great CVS Haul!”

1. Don’t think you can get the 20% q back.
2. Nivea? my online weekly ad doesn’t show this current, but i did this about 2 weeks ago? mine was just body wash, in shower lotion was not part of my promo, bought 2 x 6.49= 12.98 – $2 off 1 x 2 mq (=-4) and -$3 off body wash cvs q + $5 xb received = .98/2 = .49 each…. For you, contact cvs extracare 800-shop-cvs (746-7287), extra care dept, explain your purchase ( with receipt/and ad in hand) and they can help you.
3. 98% of 15 would be 14.70. if you only bought 14.27 towards it, it would’t trigger an xb at that time, BUT you said you went back within that same weekly sale cycle and purchased another $6 towards it, it did trigger the xb, add this concern when you call cvs. maybe because it was close in time on their system for next week, it did not give you credit for that week’s sale cycle.
i have also noticed recently, at the bottom of the receipt “this week’s extra bucks offers: balance:” that on the current receipt it show the accurate amount spent, but on the next transaction’s receipt, that prior purchase amount is rounded down….my guess is that most of those purchases were below the amount but at least 98%, i don’t see it it rounding down if you actually purchased the required amount. Don’t know why they are doing this, because some xb promos have limits of 6, and all the prior purchases ( within that sale cycle ( some are weekly and some are monthly)), should accumulate and should not be rounded down between purchases in its cycle.
Just keep on working on good relationships with your cashiers, we are all learning.


Hello! Just a few thoughts on your questions.

1. I’m pretty sure you can’t get your 20% back I’m afraid. If it’s possible (depending on if the 20% coupon came up either in your account/email), don’t send it to card. The register usually automatically uses all sent to card coupons that work into the transaction for you. Printing it out is a lot easier to manage.

2. Depending on when you bought the Nivea, it was a monthly deal that ended 2/20, which may have been why your purchases didn’t trigger.

3. I have no clue on this one, but it the tracking has been a bit funny lately.