Gillette Venus Refill 4pk -12.84
Gillette Venus Swirl razor w/ 2 refills-12.97
U by Kotex liners 18pk-1.24
Total should be $27.05

Used BOGO MFR coupon for Gillette Razors Bringing the Total down for both razors to 12.84 then used 2 Ibotta Venus Razor Rebates totaling 5.00 bringing the total down to 7.84 then used 3.00 rebate on Checkout 51 for Venus refill pack also got bonus $1 for saving $3 ….this took the total for the razor and refills to 3.84.

Used $1.00 off MFR coupon on U Kotex taking total to .24!

Total cost at checkout $4.08. total saving for today $22.97!!!


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One thought on “Women Toiletries Deal at Walmart!”

hi can you post the link where to find BOGO coupon for gillette