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Wont need to buy razors until my son is 16….




My son is currently 14 months old, and I calculated (rough calculation) that I wouldn’t need to buy razors for a little over 15 years!

I had $5 RR that I wanted to use at Walgreens so I did 2 transactions that I thought would work perfectly for my situation.

Transaction 1

1 Hylands Teething Gel $2.99

-$1 off Hylands teething gel (printable)

1 Glade expressions $3.59

-$3 off Glade Expressions starter kit (printable)

2 Chex Mix $3.00

-2 $.60 off Chex Mix (printable)

4 Ban Deodorant $6.00

-4 $1.00 off Ban Solid SS 8-5 (I think)

Fudge Brownie (couldn’t help myself, plus I needed a filler item!) $1.39

Used $5 RR, after EBT I paid $.88 and recieved $2 RR

Transaction 2

4 Bic Razors Buy one get one 50% off $3.99

-4 $3 off Any Bic Razors SS 8-5

2 Ban Deodorant $3.00

-2 $1 off Ban Solid SS 8-5

2 Chex Mix $3.00

-$.75 off Chex Mix SS ??

Used $1 RR, After EBT I paid $.26 and recieved $1 RR
Everything else in the picture I got from multiple different stores, I never shelf cleared and I always obeyed the individual coupon rules. I also plan on giving some of the razors and pens to family .
BIC pens I got from Hyvee when they were $2/1, Other Glade was from Walmart, and Other Razors were from Walmart, CVS and a different Walgreens.


I also calculated what I spent at all the stores including tax and it was $6.55! I was pretty happy!!


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