I got covergirl&olay foundation base for $1.68 each regular price was $16.79 per bottle. I bought 8 bottles used 4 of the $3 covergirl coupons from p&g for a total of $2.45! There was no price tag in front of them and when scanned it came up with $1.68 so maybe they are changing to a new bottle and these were clearance I dont know but its worth checking your store. If something doesnt have a price check it at the coupon kiosk it may be a great find like these!


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3 thoughts on “Wow!! $134 of makeup for $2 at CVS!”

Awesome Score! The Cover Girl+Olay foundation is a very good product. Will look into this, I also have the CVS $3 off $15 any cosmetic, along with MQ’s. However, my CVS’s almost always Never have any make up clearance. Actually, they usually never have anything (except seasonal) on clearance…. lately, they’ve had tons of shampoos, body washes, and a few deodorants, but nothing like what you got. Great Job!


If it $1.68 and coupon is $3 over the price, will CvS let you use $3 coupon or they won’t take $3 coupon off


What shades did you buy? Usually it is certain shades.. will be checking my store later!