I bought a Christmas gift card holder for $0.37 cents.

I got Dial bar of soap trial size for $0.79 and submitted it to Mobisave for $0.10 cents off making the total…$0.69 cents!!

I got a box of Puffs basic tissues for $1.29. Got $0.20 cents with Bonus Buy savings and I had a $0.50 cents off coupon that doubled to a dollar. Total for this box is: $0.09!!!!!!

Bought 2 VO5 Extra Body Shampoo for $0.99 cents each and got $0.20 cents off each with the Bonus Buy savings. I had a coupon for $0.50 cents off of 2 and the coupon did not double. Making these a total of 1 dollar.

Bought Bounty Napkins for $1.79 and got $0.25 cents off with the Bonus Buy Savings,had a $0.20 cent off coupon and it doubled. Submitted it to Checkout51 for a 1 dollar rebate making this $0.14 cents!!!!
Last thing I bought was Charmin 6ct of Toilet Paper for $4.59, got $0.50 cents off with the Bonus Buy Savings, had a dollar off coupon. And submitted it to Checkout51 for a 2 dollar rebate making this a $1.09!!!!
Best savings at Giant ever!!