My krogers had Snapple still mark down for 10 for 10, so i used BOGO coupon i had printed out 2 weeks ago, only paid $3. The Breakfast Essential was on sale 10 for 10 i had a coupon for $4 off 4 , so i bought 12 of them. Lunch Makers was 10/10 i didn’t have any coupons for those , the MDew drinks was 2 for $4 just bought 1. Banquet was on sale 10/10 also just bought 3 no coupon , the Bolthouse Farms drink was BOGO finall price $2.99 for both, french onion dip was 10/10 also just bought 1. And the cereal was buy 5 save $5, i used 5 coupons for .75 cents off 1 plus i got a $3 off coupon for that, the $3 free coupon is how i paid for my Snapple drinks and krogers had to pay me .03 cents ,,, this felt sooooo good

Thank You KCL for all your help and tips!!!