I saved so much today!! The clearance area was a gold mine!!
Got a red basket 0.25 cents
Clean and Clear trial size $0.50 cents
Axe deodorant for $5.47 then submitted it to Ibotta for $5.25 back making this $0.22 cents!!
Got Woman’s motion sense dry spray. Bought it at 4.97 used a $1.50 coupon off, submitted it to Ibotta for $4.75 dollars back making this a $1.28 moneymaker
Got men’s degree dry spray used a 2.00 off coupon. Submitted it to Ibotta and Saving Star for $4.75 sand 1.00 back making this a $2.78 moneymaker!!
Clairol Nice N Easy and Clairol Root Touch Up on clearance for 4.00 dollars each, used 2 $3.00 off coupons then submitted it to Ibotta for $2.00 dollars back for each AND I got a dollar bonus making these a 3 dollar MONEYMAKER!!
Also on sale was Color Ultimate by Schwarzkopf for 5 bucks used a 3 dollar coupon off and submitted it to Saving Star for 3 bucks back moneymaker!!
Paid $17.66 and received $22.75 back in rebates!!