well ever since my dad decided it would be a wonderful idea to get rid of our printer i have been writing to companies for free stuff. why? well he clearly lacks the same passion for saving money that i have. yes i just ask the companies for free stuff and they send me coupons for stuff like that. also got free biscoff spread and gogo squeez applesauce today but that is not pictured as i already ate some of the applesauce and the biscoff spread is in the pantry.

oh and the cashier girl at whole foods rang the free kevita coupons up as $3.99 off despite that they were only $2.99 each there. so it was better than free. what was i gonna do? tell her to give me less money? i don’t think so. same case with the biscoff spread. she rang the free coupon up as $5 off but the biscoff was $4.99. so i got paid like $44 to shop because the cashier girl’s mistake. haha


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4 thoughts on “Whole Foods & Natural Grocers: wrote to companies, no printer used!”

Where do you write, and what do you say?


Could you please share what companies you wrote to?


this is what i wrote to ciao bella

“Dear Customer Service Representative:
As someone who can’t consume dairy, I love Ciao Bella’s Mango and Blackberry Cabernet sorbets. I buy at least a pint a week of the stuff! Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of it. In spite of this, I have still yet to try all of the flavors. Would you be willing to send me a coupon for a free pint of Ciao Bella’s lovely sorbet to keep me stocked up?

Thank you in advance,
[fullname], sorbet connoisseur”

make it clear you want something free and most of all have fun, be nice


and here is the companies that i got stuff from (not including the ones that wanted me to review stuff on my blog or ones that only sent me regular coupons) if you have a blog you should 110% mention that in your emails.

wtrmln wtr
lotus bakeries (biscoff spread)
kite hill
ciao bella
barney butter
don’t go nuts
chipotle (free entree card)
two moms in the raw
forager juice
trader joes (gift card)
forager juice
field roast
peter rabbit organics

i would say larger companies (like those owned by hain celestial) are pretty hit or miss but local and smaller ones tend to be good