I bought three zantac 150 24 CT, one zantac 75 30 CT, and one zantac duo fusion 20 CT. I used one bogo cat, one $5 off zantac 150, one $4 off zantac 150, one $5 off zantac 75, and one $5 off duo fusion. Total $18.14. Received 17000 points ($17) and turned in $4 on saving star. Net cost – ($2.86)!!!!


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If I’m reading it correctly it seems one too many coupons were used. The bogo counts for two items so therefore one of the others shouldn’t have been allowed and cashier I’m sure manually pushed it through. So in all honesty your total would’ve been over $20 and also savings star was used incorrectly since it’s a manufacturer coupon just and states not to be used with other manufacturer coupons.