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How to Use Rite Aid Video Values Coupons

How to Use Rite Aid Video Values Coupons

Rite Aid offers several different kinds of coupons. Today, we’re discussing Video Values coupons. , Video Values coupons are store coupons that you earn by logging into the Rite Aid Ad Perks system and watching videos — usually 30 second to two-minute long commercials. After watching the videos, you can print out the coupons. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of Rite Aid Video Values:

How to get started

In order to get Video Values coupons, you’ll need to have a wellness+ account. Just go to Rite Aid’s website to sign up; you’ll receive your card in the mail shortly after, but you can use your phone number to access the account in the meantime. You can also sign up in-store, but if you do, be sure to go to the website right away and enter your card number to create an online account — so you can start watching those videos!

How to use Video Values

All you have to do to receive a Video Values coupon is watch a short commercial for the product. The videos are available from the first weekend to the last weekend of the month, and the coupons can be redeemed until the middle of the following month. For example, coupons from videos that we watched in February expired on March 16th. You can only redeem each coupon once.

It’s a good idea to watch the videos for all the products you think you might buy, in case those items go on sale within the next month. Don’t have time to watch a bunch of videos? If you have a laptop, you can play the videos while you’re doing something else, like emptying out the dishwasher. Keep an eye on the screen, though — after the video ends, you’ll only have 30 seconds to enter a code so you can get your coupon.

Stacking: Video Values are store coupons, although (for some reason) the print at the top of the coupon claims that they are manufacturer coupons. However, what you really need to pay attention to are the numbers under the bar code. Video Values coupons start with “RC49,” which means they are store coupons, according to Rite Aid Coupon Policy. Video Values coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons!

Rite Aid allows stacking of one of each of the following kinds of coupons: store coupons (which begin with “RC49″), manufacturer coupons (which begin with “5″), and the elusive and rarely seen “valuable coupons” (which begin with “RC48″). So be sure to pay attention to the codes on your coupons, and come to the Rite Aid page here at KCL to find out which coupons to stack with Video Values to get the best deals!

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How to Use Rite Aid Load2Card Coupons

How to Use Rite Aid Load2Card Coupons

Rite Aid can be a great place to get deals if you know how to utilize all of their coupons and rewards, but couponing there can be confusing — mainly because of the many different types of coupons that Rite Aid offers. One of the newest is Load2Card coupons. Load2Card coupons work just like other eCoupons — load them directly to your store loyalty card from But you may not be using them to their full advantage if you don’t know a few key tricks. Here’s how to get the most from Rite Aid’s Load2Card coupons:

How to get started

In order to use Load2Card coupons, you’ll need to have a Rite Aid wellness+ account. Just go to to sign up. Expect to receive your card in the mail shortly after, and use your phone number to access the account in the meantime. You can also sign up in-store, but if you do, be sure to go to the website right away and enter your card number (before you lose it!) to create an online account so you can start loading up your coupons!

How to use Load2Card coupons

Loading: Log in to your wellness+ account on Rite Aid’s website and go the Load2Card page to see over 80 coupons that you can add to your card. Just choose the coupons you want, and they will be added to your account and applied automatically when you provide your wellness+ account info at checkout.

Store vs. Manufacturer: Load2Card coupons include both store and manufacturer coupons, and, for some reason beyond our understanding, Rite Aid doesn’t make it clear which are which. We’ve figured it out, though, and here’s how you can tell the difference: each Load2Card coupon will have a link that says “More.” When you click on it, the fine print will pop up. If the fine print says “Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item,” this indicates a store coupon (which can be stacked with a paper manufacturer coupon). Any other verbiage, such as a remit address or instructions to the retailer, indicate a manufacturer coupon.

Stacking: If you are stacking paper coupons with Load2Card coupons, be sure to hand your paper coupons to the cashier and have them scanned before you enter your wellness+ account info. This can avoid a lot of hassle, and makes your paper coupons more likely to come off of your total.

If you have an issue with a coupon not being deducted from your total, go to or call customer service. They can look up your purchases through your wellness+ account and make the correction, if needed. Often, a coupon not working is the result of user error rather than the store’s mistake, so you may want to double-check that you did everything right before you call.

You may also like our video on How to Use Rite Aid +Up RewardsSubscribe to our YouTube Channel to see all our videos!

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  1. Matthew Boyd Be the checkout, my Load2card coupon was considered a manufacture coupon, but it didn't say that. ($2/1) When I went to use a $1/1 manufactures coupon for the same product, it replaced the $2 off instead bringing my total up a dollar and not using the Loaded coupon on the transaction.
  2. jeygurl Can video coupons be stacked with store coupons from load 2 card?
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How to Use Rite Aid +Up Rewards

How to Use Rite Aid +Up Rewards

+Up Rewards are Rite Aid Coupons, similar to a Catalina coupon in a grocery store, CVS Extra Bucks, or Walgreens Register Rewards. Earn reward dollars for purchasing select items. Combine +Up Reward promotions with coupons, and get incredible deals—including free items!  Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of Rite Aid +Up Rewards:

How to get started

In order to receive +Up Rewards, you’ll need to have a wellness+ account. Visit to sign up. Receive your card in the mail or use your phone number in the keypad at checkout. You can also sign up in-store, but if you do, be sure to go to the website right away and enter your card number to create an online account—you’ll need it to take full advantage of Rite Aid’s deals!

How to use Rite Aid +Up Rewards

How +Up Rewards work: Rite Aid’s +Up Rewards are similar to Catalina coupons in a grocery store. Receive +Up Reward dollars with your receipt at the end of the transaction. The rewards are automatically loaded onto your wellness+ card. +Up Rewards can be redeemed beginning at 6 a.m. the following day and are valid for 14 days.

Though +Up Rewards used to print out on the bottom of your receipt, in September of 2012, Rite Aid started loading rewards directly onto your wellness+ card, instead. However, you can opt to have the rewards print on your receipt like they used to, which gives you more control over how you use them. When your rewards are loaded onto your card, they will be redeemed automatically the next time you use the card, starting with the highest value reward first and working down. This means you have no say over which rewards you use and when. If you prefer your rewards to print out on your receipt, just ask your cashier or customer service to change the preference on your account.

Where to find them: The main source for information on which items will earn you +Up Rewards is Rite Aid’s weekly ad. It will tell you all of Rite Aid’s advertised rewards deals for the week, but you can also find unadvertised or monthly deals just by browsing the aisles in the store. And be sure to come to KCL — we’ll tell you which coupons to combine with +Up Rewards promos to get the best possible deals!

Stacking coupons and rewards: Save more by combining manufacturer coupons with +Up Rewards — just remember to have the cashier apply your manufacturer coupons before you swipe your wellness+ card, or you may end up with too low a balance to use your manufacturer coupons at all.

Limits: There are usually limits associated with +Up Rewards, but it’s important to remember that the limits are on the rewards, not on the items purchased. For example, Ricola and Sucrets were on sale 2/$3. Rite Aid was offering $1 in +Up Rewards for every two of these items purchased, with a limit of 4 (remember, a limit of 4 rewards, not a limit of 4 items). This means you could buy 8 items and receive your limit of $4 in +Up Rewards. You can buy more than 8 packages of Ricola or Sucrets at the 2/$3 price, but you cannot receive more than $4 in +Up Rewards on these items.

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  1. Jennifer Whitt If you use Up Rewards to purchase an item that's on sale and has Up Rewards, will you receive those new Up Rewards? (For instance, Sucrets 2/$3 and $1 Up Rewards. You pay with a $1 coupon and $2 in Up Rewards Will you get the new $1 Up Reward?)
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How to Save on Diapers

How to Save on Diapers

According to our estimations, at a pack of diapers a week and about $10 a pack, a baby can go through a couple of thousand dollars’ (or more!) worth of diapers before being potty trained. That’s a lot of money for something you throw in the trash! However, with a few simple strategies, you can cut your costs in half. We try to pay $5 or less for a pack of diapers (and if you can get them for $2, that’s when it’s time to stock up like Krazy!). Here’s how to do it:


First and foremost, get your hands on some coupons! As always, come to KCL to find tons of printable coupons in our database. If you want to go straight to the source, here are some great sites for printable diaper coupons:

And don’t forget your newspaper coupons (as if you ever would)! Be sure to check the Smart Source and P&G inserts in your Sunday paper for Huggies, Luvs and Pampers coupons.


Look for promos like “buy 2, get a $5 gift card” or offers for register rewards with a diaper purchase — drugstores are a great place to take advantage of these promotions. And like any good KCL, be sure to stack them with coupons for the most savings!

Rewards Programs

Are rewards programs worth the time it takes to enter your points? We think so! Joining a rewards program like Pampers Gifts to Grow or Huggies Enjoy the Ride allows you to earn free stuff for something you’re buying anyway. Following our pack-a-week formula, you can average about 2000 points a year (not counting the free-points promotions these companies sometimes offer that allow you to pad your balance without spending any extra money), which will net you a product with a value of around $30. That’s a free birthday or Christmas gift!

Brand Websites

Don’t miss out on exclusive members-only deals! Be sure to register on these brand websites to get great coupons delivered right to your inbox:

Subscribe to KCL’s YouTube Channel to see all our videos!

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  1. melaniecarlson I had a question, on the old layout of your website, KCL would post an article for the best baby deals of the week. I was wondering how I can get to that article? or do you even post it anymore? I really need some help finding it! Thank you guys! ~Melanie arlson
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Video: Free Pair of Eyeglasses, Plus Free Eye Exams!

Video: Free Pair of Eyeglasses, Plus Free Eye Exams!

Get a free pair of glasses at CoastalContacts. Just pay shipping charges and for any upgrades like stronger lenses or coatings. The price includes up to 1.5 index lenses. The price for any upgrades is clearly displayed. The glasses ship very quickly.

Note: This deal is for first-time customers only. Just use code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout.

  • Visit Coastal Contacts by clicking the image above.
  • Browse the frames, find the perfect style, select it, and click continue.
  • Enter prescription information.
  • Choose lenses and any “extras.”
  • Add glasses to shopping cart for checkout.
  • Enter shipping information.
  • Enter code FIRSTPAIRFREE in the code box, and click apply.
  • Final total should only include extras and shipping and handling.

Low or no cost eye exams

For those who need a critical eye exam to be screened for glaucoma and other eye issues and to get a prescription, there are some free and low-cost alternatives out there.

For infants:

  • Check with InfantSEE, a national public health program for children 6 months to 1-year-old.  Call (888) 396-EYES or visit

For children or teens:

  • Find out if your children are eligible for CHIP or Medicaid coverage, call 1-877 KIDS NOW (1-877-543-7669) or visit
  • Sight for Students is a Vision Service Plan program that provides free eye exams and glasses for low income and uninsured children 18 and younger. Get more information at 1-888-290-4964 or

Free eye exams for adults

  • Vision USA, coordinated by The AOA Foundation, provides free eye exams to uninsured, low-income workers and their families. For more information, call 1-800-766-4466 or visit
  • Lions Clubs International provides financial assistance to individuals for eye care through its local clubs. Find a local Lions Club using the feature on the organization’s website.
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Video: What’s on Sale in April!

Video: What’s on Sale in April!


We are back with our coupon-crystal ball for the month of April! Here are the things we are predicting (based on the last few years) will be on sale this month. This isn’t a totally comprehensive list, but these are the items we know will be cheap this month!

Earth Day: natural and organic foods and personal care products, reusable bags and water bottles, Energy Star appliances, and CFL and LED lighting.  Plus, on Earth Day Target will be giving away free reusable shopping bags with natural and organic freebies!

Spring: gardening equipment and seeds, bird feeders, spring cleaning supplies, and allergy medicine.

Clearance: After-Easter sales are the time to stock up on decorations, baskets and grass, egg dyeing kits and stickers etc for the next year! Plus, Easter candy clearance (Reese’s Eggs)!!!

Taxes: Looks for deals online for H&R Block and Turbo Tax.

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Catalina Coupons: Earning, Stacking and Rolling

Catalina Coupons: Earning, Stacking and Rolling

Catalina coupons — named for the company founded on a sailing trip to Catalina island — are those long, receipt-like coupons that print out with your receipt at the checkout counter. They are sometimes called checkout coupons or YourBucks, but whatever you call them, they’re our favorite kind of coupon — we consider them the hot fudge in our couponing ice cream sundae! Here’s how to get the most out of using Catalina coupons:

How do I know which Catalinas will print when I get to the store?

There are a few different ways to know which Catalinas you’ll receive when you shop:

  • Look for the phrase “on your next order” in your store’s weekly sale circular. This verbiage is code for “Catalina coupon.”

How do I maximize my Catalina savings?

There are two kinds of Catalina coupons: manufacturer coupons, which you can use just like a manufacturer coupon from your Sunday newspaper, and coupons for a flat dollar discount off your next order. Here are two ways to maximize your “$X off your next order” Catalina coupons:

  1. Stack with manufacturer coupons. Recently, Safeway was running a Catalina promotion to receive $10 off your next order when you buy $30 of frozen food. That’s all well and good, but KCLs know that we can do better! Make sure your total before tax and coupons is at least $30, then use manufacturer coupons to bring down your out-of-pocket expense. You might pay only $20 for all that frozen food, and you’ll still get the “$10 off your next order” Catalina!
  2. Rolling Catalinas. This refers to separating transactions and redeeming the Catalina coupon that printed in your first transaction to offset your out-of-pocket expense on your second transaction. Say you buy four cans of mandarin oranges, knowing that you will receive a “$0.50 off your next order” Catalina. Buy your first four cans (using manufacturer coupons to bring down your out-of-pocket costs), pay for your oranges, graciously take your Catalina from the cashier, and then start the process over again, using your newly-minted Catalina on the next order.

What do I do if my Catalinas don’t print?

Don’t despair if your Catalina doesn’t print! There is something you can do:

  • Do not go to Customer Service. They likely will not know why your coupon didn’t print and won’t know how to help you.
  • Before taking any further action, make sure that you properly followed all the requirements to receive the Catalina. Did you buy the correct size of your product? The correct variety? Double check that you didn’t make a mistake that would have kept your Catalina from printing.
  • If you’re sure you did everything right, call Catalina at 1-800-8COUPON. Press 3, and provide your name, address, the store where you shopped, and the time of day you were there. Catalina will obtain your purchase history through your store loyalty card and determine whether you are owed the coupon, and if so, they will mail it to you. It may take a couple of weeks to receive your coupon, but you can rest assured that there is some recourse for this disheartening scenario!
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How to Use Shopkick App to Save Money and Earn Rewards

How to Use Shopkick App to Save Money and Earn Rewards

Are you ready for another great way to find coupons and earn rewards? Shopkick is a mobile app that uses your GPS to determine your shopping location and then loads coupons on your phone to use when you walk into the store! You can also earn rewards and gift cards by accruing points for completing tasks on the app or in-store. Here’s how it works:

Shopkick coupons

Once you’ve walked into a store and Shopkick has loaded your available coupons, just click on the coupon you want to use (you can also select your coupons within twelve hours prior to use), and Shopkick will give you a barcode on your phone to show to your cashier at checkout.

For example, our coupon was for $2 off an $8 holiday item. To save the most, we chose an item that was as close to $8 as possible. When we got to checkout, the cashier scanned our barcode, and we got our discount!

Here are just a few of the stores you can find deals for on Shopkick:

  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Old Navy
  • American Eagle
  • Macy’s
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Anthropologie

Shopkick “kicks”

Shopkick also allows you to earn points, or “kicks,” for performing tasks. Browse through the deals before you shop to unlock kicks, then just open the app when you walk into the store to add those kicks to your balance! You can also earn kicks in-store by scanning the barcodes of featured products while you’re shopping (no need to buy the item). While you may feel a bit silly, it’ll be worth it when you redeem your “kicks”!

Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of stores, from everyday destinations like Target and Starbucks to high-end merchants like Tiffany and Co., Coach, and the Ritz-Carlton. You can also redeem kicks for specific products, like MAC eyeshadow, magazine subscriptions, electronics, and even a cruise vacation! Kicks can add up quickly — for example, we earned 100 kicks for scanning a jar of peanuts on our shopping trip, and 500 kicks will net you a $2 Target gift card. It’s an easy way to put a little money in your pocket!

Get the Shopkick App now! 

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How to Change Your Zip Code and Get More Coupons on

How to Change Your Zip Code and Get More Coupons on is one of our favorite sources for printable coupons. But did you know when you’re browsing through coupons on, you may not be seeing all the available coupons?

Some of the coupon offers on are zip-code specific, meaning only users in a certain region will be shown an offer. Find out how to access coupons from different regions by temporarily changing your zip code on

Is changing your zip code against any rules?

  • allows users to manually change zip codes an unlimited number of times. If at any time they wish to deny users access to coupons outside a given region, that field will be removed.
  • When a manufacturer or distributor desires to impose geographic limits, they currently do so by adding limits in the coupon fine print. Limits may read: “Valid only in California,” “Redeem in FL, SC, NC, VA or WV,” or “Not valid in CA, AZ or NV.”
  • Remember, the manufacturer pays the distributor ( per print. But their real goal is redemption. Krazy Coupon Ladies redeem coupons at a higher-than-average rate because we usually print coupons already knowing when and where we’re going to use them!

How to change a zip code on

  1. Sign in or create account.
  2. Go to account settings.
  3. Enter a different zip code in the zip code field and click “submit changes.”
  4. Click the “coupons” tab to see your new coupons.
  5. Repeat with as many zip codes as you wish.
Visit Bayer Healthcare (don’t ask me why), change the zip code, then click back over to

Be sure to use zip codes from different regions of the country to ensure you are seeing a variety of coupons. For example, if you live on the west coast, try an east coast zip code. The zip codes we regularly use are 90210, 12345, 06607 and 77477—again, don’t ask me why.

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How to Save Money with the Endorse App

How to Save Money with the Endorse App

Want another way to save money on your weekly purchases just by using your smartphone? Check out the Endorse app and start saving today!

Endorse offers cash back for your purchases, similar to ibotta, but in this case it’s 10% to 100% cash back, often on any brand! Simply download the app, browse the available offers, upload a picture of your purchase receipt, then you’ll get cash back. Endorse has great perks, including earning points for donations to local schools, plus many of the offers will cover more than one of each item, providing they are on the same receipt. Offers refresh each Thursday.

The downside is that the cash back percentage is after all store discounts and coupons (manufacturer and store), so Krazy Couponers are likely to get less cash back with Endorse because they have a lower out-of-pocket cost.

Unfortunately, the Coffee offer has expired. But I am seeing a 50% cash back off on McCormick Chili Dry Seasoning Mix and Mountain Dew.

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Video: What’s on Sale in February!

Video: What’s on Sale in February!

We are back with our coupon-crystal ball for the month of February! Here are the things we are predicting (based on the last few years) will be on sale this month. This isn’t a totally comprehensive list, but these are the items we know will be cheap this month!

National Canned Food Month: Canned fruit, vegetables, pie fillings, soups, meats: tuna, chicken, salmon.
Super Bowl Sunday: Soda pop, chips, dips, cheese, sandwich items, crackers, snacks, wings, cut fruit & veggie trays, pizza: take & bake, frozen, and delivery.
National Hot Breakfast Month: Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, frozen waffles, syrup, waffle & pancake mix, hash browns, bacon, sausage.
Valentine’s Day: Boxed and bar chocolate, lubricants and KY jelly, perfume, cards, stuffed animals, gift sets, sparkling cider, flower arrangements, candles, Valentine cards.

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How to Use the Ibotta App to Save Money!

How to Use the Ibotta App to Save Money!


Ibotta is all the rage in the couponing world. The question is, have you heard of it? Basically, for those of you living under a rock, Ibotta is a smartphone app where you can earn money by purchasing participating products. The money earned is paid via paypal and can be earned even with manufacturer or store coupons! Watch the video to learn everything you need to know!

How to Download the Ibotta App to your Smartphone 

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What Is Coupon Fraud and How to Avoid It!

What Is Coupon Fraud and How to Avoid It!

What Is Coupon Fraud?

Coupon fraud occurs whenever someone intentionally uses a coupon for a product that he/she has not purchased or otherwise fails to satisfy the terms and conditions for redemption or when coupons are altered/counterfeited.

How to Avoid Coupon Fraud

1. If a coupon specifies a certain product, only buy that product. Example: Save $0.50 on Cheerios Original (in the yellow box) means you can only buy the Original Cheerios and not other varieties.

2. You can only use one coupon on one item, even if they are different values. Example: If you have two coupons for Venus razors, you have to buy two razors to use both coupons. Even if they are different value coupons, from different sources, or a mix of printable and newspaper coupons.

3. Don’t photocopy coupons. Ever. End of story.

4. Don’t use expired coupons. You can use a coupon on the expiration date but not after.

5. If there are size limitations listed on your coupon, you must abide by them.  Example: If a coupon states “Excludes Trial Size,” you cannot purchase a trial size product with that coupon. If the coupon says 5 oz or larger, you must abide by that verbiage.

6. Don’t purchase, use, or manufacturer fake coupons. Use caution when purchasing coupons online.  Make sure you can verify the source of the coupon (which insert it came from) and don’t buy “free product” coupons online.

Remember, it’s not a valid excuse to say, “But the register scanned the coupon” or “My cashier let me do it.” It’s coupon fraud whether the register or cashier allows it or not.

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Target Clearance Schedule and How to Read the Clearance Tags

Target Clearance Schedule and How to Read the Clearance Tags

Learn Target’s Clearance System and Save More

Every section of Target has a specific clearance spot. Clothing has select clearance racks, and aisles have end caps with clearance products visibly displayed. Target routinely marks items for clearance near the end of a season as well as post-holiday and during their semi-annual big toy clearance sales.



Target Marks Down Products Weekly. All Target inventory goes through a markdown phase that is in set increments: 15%, 30%, 50%, 70% and so on, up to 90%.

Target’s “Unofficial” Markdown Schedule. Know the unofficial markdown schedule in order to take advantage of the best deals and know exactly when to look for them:

  • Monday: Baby items, children’s clothing, electronics, and office supplies/gift wrap/stationery
  • Tuesday: Home décor, women’s clothing, and domestic items
  • Wednesday: Food, health and beauty items, men’s clothing, toys, and garden items
  • Thursday: Lingerie, housewares, sporting goods, shoes, and luggage
  • Friday: Cosmetics, jewelry, hardware, automotive, and home improvement

The “Every Two Weeks” Markdown Schedule. Target typically further reduces unsold clearance merchandise every two weeks once the markdowns have begun, but this can vary based on region, amount of unsold inventory, and manager discretion. If you are watching an item and see that it has been marked down 30% or 50%, come back in another two weeks to see if it has been marked down further.

How to Read Target Clearance Tags

  • 15%: When an item goes on clearance at Target, the first markdown is usually 15%. You can tell exactly how much the item has been marked down by looking at the upper right hand corner of the red clearance tag. If you see the number 15, it is marked down 15%. The original price of the product will always be listed on the left-hand side next to the word “was,” and the new price of the item on clearance will be located on the right, next to the word “now.” The last digit of the item will mainly end in the numbers 6 or 8. Example: $7.48.
  • 30%, 50%, 70% and 90%: If you look closely at the red clearance tag, you might notice the higher clearance numbers 30, 50, 70 or even a giddy 90! These numbers correspond to the percentage off that product is now being sold for. The original price of the product will always be listed on the left-hand side next to the word “was,” and the new price of the item on clearance will be located on the right, next to the word “now.” E.g.: $3.88.
  • Price Tags Ending With $0.06 or $0.08: If the price of the item on clearance ends in $0.06 or $0.08, the item will be marked down again during the next markdown cycle as long as there is inventory in the store. The item typically will remain at the next percentage off for two weeks before progressing to the next level.
  • Price Tags Ending With $0.04: If the last number in the price of the item ends in $0.04, the item has been marked for final clearance, and this is the lowest price that Target will sell the item.
  • Random Price Tag Endings: Often, Target price tags end with $0.00, $0.01, $0.05, $0.07, etc. I spoke with some store managers and was told these endings are arbitrary and simply indicate an item is on clearance with no specific meaning, and the item will continue on its clearance cycle.
  • Sectioned Clearances: Seasonal merchandise such as holiday, back-to-school, and summer items are examples of these clearance products. Many of these are holiday branded and will be reduced at a much faster rate than the typical two-week increment because Target needs the space for new inventory. Often the products begin at 50% off, then are reduced to 70% off, and continue on up to 90% off within two weeks. Also, items may not be individually marked; the entire section will be at one discount rate.
  • Gift Card Bonus Price Endings: This has nothing to do with clearance items, but since we are talking about price tag endings, anything that ends with $0.49, $0.79, and $0.99 indicate a Target Gift Card promotion is in effect. The Gift Card offer details will be listed at the very top in red, and the amount of the gift card will be listed on the card or offer.
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  1. AmandaRipsam I love shopping at Target. I do love Clarence. Thank you for sharing those tips. Very helpful.