A few years ago, a friend of mine referred me to SwagBucks. We were having lunch when she mentioned it for the hundredth time, so I finally asked, “What on earth is SwagBucks?” It has been awhile since we had that lunch and I joined, and I still can’t believe how easy it is to earn rewards for doing the things I do every day! Once I got my swag on, I couldn’t stop! By taking quick surveys, shopping online, and using SwagBucks for my daily Internet searches, I quickly racked up points to redeem for Amazon gift cards and other great rewards. It has actually become quite fun and addicting!

By browsing the deals SwagBucks offers, I can earn bucks just by shopping online. When my daughter had her birthday party last month, I placed my paper product order through Birthday Express and snagged 300 SwagBucks just by doing so! How easy is that? When I refer friends to Swagbucks or trade in old books or cell phones, I can accumulate bucks quickly with little effort, all while getting rid of the things I no longer need. SwagBucks has been rewarding for me, and I don’t have to go out of my way to earn my bucks.

So are you ready to get your swag on too? Here is how to become a FREE member of SwagBucks and start earning great rewards today! But here’s fair warning: you might get hooked on the addicting fun of SwagBucks too!

Here is how to join:

  • Visit SwagBucks today
  • Fill out the short information form and click the “get started” button
  • Answer a few brief security questions and click the “submit”  button
  • You are all registered! You will earn 30 instant SwagBucks to get you started!
  • Once you confirm your email, you may begin earning SwagBucks and start working your way to great rewards!

Don’t forget, SwagBucks is 100% FREE! There will never be any membership fees. You will never pay for shipping on prizes and will never have out-of-pocket expenses for being a member. So head over to SwagBucks today and find out what over a million registered members already know! Like me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


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6 thoughts on “Earn Gift Cards and Rewards Fast, FREE, and Easy When You Join SwagBucks!”

Swagbucks is great way to earn gift cards without spending money. Surveys, commercial and if you have a smartphone there apps to watch movies clips. It’s easy.


Sharon you do not have to shop on-line, funny enough I do shop on-line but always get so excited about shopping I forget to use any of my rewards sites (SO STUPID!!!) Anyway, swagbucks can be earned without shopping, you can watch commercials and so forth, really super easy stuff. You get points for those things that you can trade in for gift cards and you do not have to have a million points to get $5. I have been doing it for a month wiothout really trying and have earned 1300 points. So you should try it!!!


I don’t shop online so it probably wouldn’t work for me. :/


Excellent site. Easy to use and so much fun!


Love SwagBucks! I payed for my Christmas gifts last year–almost all of them!–with the Amazon gift cards I earned there. 


 Earn points for coupons you use anyway 🙂