KCLs love to get things for free, so entering sweepstakes is a natural fit! Free sweepstakes by reputable companies—like those explained in this KCL article—are opportunities to net coupons, products, and free gifts. However, one site that should be on any deal-seeking KCL’s radar is My Coke Rewards. Even if you are not a routine consumer of Coke products, this site offers an impressive number of free ways to win gear, gift cards, gifts and so much more.

What is My Coke Rewards?

My Coke Rewards is a free loyalty program available to any consumer 13 years of age and older (learn more and read positive KCL experiences about this long-running program here). After a quick, no-commitment sign-up, site users gain access to a wide array of sweepstakes that occur year round.

What sweepstakes are available for free entry?

At any given time, between 10 and 30 sweepstakes opportunities are available—some net large prizes (trips, technology products, cash), and some net smaller prizes (gift cards, promotional merchandise, free product coupons). The smaller prize sweepstakes are usually the best to enter because they offer lots of prizes (often, several thousand at a time) and thus present better odds of winning. These smaller prize sweepstakes are generally those labeled “instant win,” allowing users automatic free entry electronically when they don’t want to spend their points—but the key is knowing where to look. The larger prize sweepstakes are generally available for free entry as well (without cashing out a single point), but many have a mail-in requirement for entering, meaning you would be out the cost of a stamp with each attempt.

How to enter for free

Any MCR member can spend points on available sweepstakes (usually 1–3 points per entry per day), but there’s no need to when the entries can be made for free with a few extra clicks. To enter an MCR sweepstakes for free:

  1. Log in to your MCR account (or, first, set one up for free here).
  2. Choose a sweepstakes of interest to you.
  3. Click on the individual sweepstakes’ “Rules” button.
  4. In the initialized window of text explaining the rules, scroll about one-third of the way down the page to the “Alternative Method of Entry” section.
  5. Follow mail-in directions outlines, or click the handy “free entry” hyperlink for an instant win entry.
  6. Each free entry adds one code to an account that stays available for 5 days. Use immediately, however, to avoid it expiring.

Note: If more than one instant win sweepstakes is offered (as is usually the case, like this month’s Halloween-themed Fanta sweeps and Powerade-sponsored sweeps), an MCR user can enter each sweepstakes once daily.

My experience

Once you understand how to enter, doing so on a routine basis is a breeze! And knowing it costs me nothing makes the possibility of winning all the more attractive. Last month, I won a $5 Subway gift card (over 8,000 other people did, too, many using the “free entry” option). This month, I’ve already won MCR points—twice!—in the Powerade sweeps (this sweeps awards almost 60,000 prizes total), which I can save, pair with other points and redeem for drinks, magazine subscriptions, coupons, discount shopping codes and more. Redeeming is easy—information is connected to the email address you use at sign-up.

I appreciate being able to accumulate points in the MCR loyalty program, but I especially love the ability to enter sweepstakes for free. Even more than a refreshing Coke product, winning brings a smile to my face!

Have you won an MCR sweepstakes in the past year? Tell us about it in the “Comments” section below.

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18 thoughts on “Entering (and Winning!) Sweepstakes for Free with My Coke Rewards”

  1. Sherelle says:

    How come I can’t find the “free entry” hyperlink? i found the mail in directions outlines but nowhere to click the “free entry” for instant game.. :(

  2. msdgivens says:

    i won 2 free airlines tickets last spring on mycokerewards.

  3. surfergirl says:

    If you enter the code “roo” before entering your other codes, it will double your points.

  4. Terrie K. says:

    Also every Wednesday, MCR features a “special” from their rewards catalog for reduced points. Great deals can be had on Wednesdays!!!

  5. Kace Salhom says:

    We love coke rewards!!! Especially coke zero rewards!!! Last march my son entered codes & got entries into March maddness brackets! Needless to say he ended up with $400 I’m best buy cards & 4 free 20oz cokes… He also redeems points for my mother days gifts of magazines (I love mags) I got like 6 Mag for a year…, so enter those codes!!! He also gets my dh Espn insider for fantasy football & gets misc stuff for himself. We also redeem points for coupons for free coke products (12pk or 20 oz)
    Tip —/ CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL OFFERS! BEFORE YOU LOG OUT!!! if you log out prior to looking & redeeming special offers you loose them!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I just entered a code to get my free $5 Arch card but can’t find how to redeem it. Help!

      • Kace Salhom says:

        My son said he doesn’t know for sure b/c he doesn’t know what promo or special you are doing but he said look under special offers… Then he said if it’s a promotional thing it should be under promotions… Or maybe in rewards if you are redeeming points for it. He also said if you still can’t find it, scroll to the bottom & hit contact us… He says they are really awesome about responding to people. Hth!

    • Orlando Pockets says:

      can anyone clarify how to check your special offers?

      • Kace Salhom says:

        You put in your code. On the banner part near your points total, you will see a little part that says special offers. Click there & it will take you to the special offers if you have any.

  6. Susie says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I went in and added all my points and got bonus free entries to Taylor Swift’s Entertainment, something or other. LOL! But in my rush to enter for free, I missed my free $5 Arch card from McDonald’s. argh!!! I tried to find it, but once you log out, it’s gone!!! Lesson…pay attention!!!