Are you struggling to get control of your financial life? What about help with managing your month to month bills or spending? How would it feel to even have help managing those reward cards you have? If you are like most consumers, you might have as many as a dozen bills and credit cards to manage from month to month. Pair that with just trying to balance your budget and watch your spending, and you can have a real pain in the neck on your hands!

No worries–help is available. Fortunately for us, there are free online tools such as and that can provide us with an easy way to manage our hard earned money! Not familiar with them? Allow me to break them down for you: separates your accounts into five basic categories including: cash, credit cards, loans, investments, and property. The site allows you to view all these accounts in one place, including your balances and transactions for each account. The best part? You can do this in real time. is great in the sense that the service allows users to set up financial goals and budgets by using helpful graphs and charts. If you are very visual like I am, this is a great tool to be able to access! You can literally “see” where your money is going. is also a free service that helps consumers manage all of their household accounts, including financial accounts, utilities, subscriptions, and even those complicated travel rewards programs, in one secure place online. Manilla provides customers with an organized view of all of their account information. It also provides text and email reminders to pay bills plus unlimited storage of account documents. While Manilla doesn’t allow you to create the visual tools that does, it does offer you the ability to track your monthly bills and their payment status in one easy place. That will surely come in handy too!

A great bonus to mention about both services is that each is verified by TRUSTe site validation services and uses the same security systems that major financial institutions such as your local bank use. Your information will always be safeguarded, and you can rest assured knowing that it will be waiting for you when you need it.

Visit and today where sign up is both quick and easy. Within minutes you can be on the way to financial peace of mind.

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2 thoughts on “Find Financial Peace of Mind with and!”

  1. Sara says:

    Manilla is good, but haven’t really utilized it yet…I’m so used to just going to the billing websites based on my own spreadsheet to pay my bills….BUT, I have been using for about 2 weeks now and after the long hours of categorizing and splitting up my transactions based on my reciepts (you need to have them all – and it would really help if you have them from the past 2 months from the date you sign up). It is amazing! REALLY throws in your face exactly where your money is going. Wanna really be scared? Sort the transactions by retailer…..I did that for Walmart – $1200 in 9 weeks spent there. wow.

    HINTS: Keep ALL of your receipts (mine are in a monthly accordian file). Even the items you paid with CASH. That way you can really track where all your money is going. For the items you paid with cash, there is a feature on the Transactions page that lets you manually add a transaction – there is where you log what you bought with your cash and you can even tell the system to automatically deduct the cash from your last ATM withdrawal! Sweet!

    Also, to avoid hours of work…if you and your significant other have separate and joint accounts with the SAME BANK, the joint account activity will download twice, so you can “hide” one of the accounts BEFORE you categorize them. I didn’t know this and saw everything twice (750 transactions). I spent hours marking the “duplicates” then categorized them all, only to find out that I could’ve hid those duplicate transactions. So, I had to start over. For example, my husband and I have a few accounts under Chase Bank – joint checking, savings, auto loan and a credit card. My husband alone has the credit card, so to see & track that activity, I had to link his account. But by doing so, it brought over our joint checking account activity again. Hence, finding the duplicate transactions. My advice is if you have the similiar situation, link all the accounts to Mint, then rename them so you can decipher between them and then hide the one you don’t want to see ( I hid his joint checking stuff), then categorize & split. By splittiing I mean take that receipt fromTarget that you got toiletries, clothes, toys and groceries and split up the total between all those categories.

    Anyway, I can go on and on, but this system once set up, is amazing! You can also set goals for paying off debts or saving for specific life events. They will ask a few questions,then give you a specific payment plan based on what you can pay each month and exactly how long it will take you.