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Hot! Join the National Consumer Panel!

The National Consumer Panel home scan is accepting applicants for a very limited time!  If you are accepted you will receive a scanner which you will use to track the different groceries and items you purchase and bring into your home.

In exchange for doing this, you can earn some great prizes such as electronics, toys, gift cards and more. Not everyone gets accepted, so if you do, be sure to give it a try!  You can always return the scanner if you choose to no longer participate.  And it is totally free!

Go here to apply.

Let us know if you get accepted!

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72 thoughts on “Hot! Join the National Consumer Panel!”

  1. Rhonda says:

    Confirmed on Thursday and got my scanner in the mail this morning…this will be interesting

  2. Rhonda says:

    Confirmed on Thursday and got my scanner in the mail this morning…this will be interesting

  3. Kristin says:

    We just got accepted and I confirmed with them today that we still want it. I’m excited to see how this works!

  4. Kristin says:

    We just got accepted and I confirmed with them today that we still want it. I’m excited to see how this works!

  5. CB says:

    We were accepted but I haven’t confirmed it yet, just nervous about how much time and/or hassle it will be…and do people ever actually win decent prizes? :) If someone can share their experience with me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  6. Karel Horn says:

    My family was accepted – we received our equipment today – Thanks KCL for letting us know about this!!!!

  7. Mel dunn-Mathes says:

    we were selected and our scanner has been shipping, will report back with details :)

  8. Mel dunn-Mathes says:

    we were selected and our scanner has been shipping, will report back with details :)

  9. Missriza says:

    My family was accepted and I just got my package today. Thanks!

  10. Missriza says:

    My family was accepted and I just got my package today. Thanks!

  11. Jensmith110579 says:

    My family was just accepted…going to give it a try.

  12. My family just got accepted!!!!

  13. It just brings up a blank page! Won’t let me apply!

  14. It just brings up a blank page! Won’t let me apply!

  15. tamlynnsbs says:

    I just got acceptted, also waiting on my scanner.

  16. Virginia says:

    I received my confirmation email today. Now just waiting for my scanner.
    My grandma has been scanning since I was a little girl and I am almost 29! I used to really enjoy helping her scan after our shopping trips. I am going to teach my almost 4yo son to scan so he can be involved!
    I know it takes a while to build your points, but what is an extra few minutes while you are putting away your groceries?
    My grandma has gotten many Christmas gifts free using her scanner!
    I can’t wait!!!

  17. Heather says:

    Just got an email saying I was selected =)

  18. Angela says:

    Just got selected. We’ll see how this goes…

  19. KT says:

    I was a member for a few years when it was Homescan & then it changed to NCP. When I cancelled my landline & found it didn’t work w/ a cell phone I called to tell them I was cancelling.
    I was also tired of getting a pittance of rewards when they were data-mining me for info. they were probably selling for thousands of dollars.

    Before I could send the scanner back, I got REALLY REALLY sick. I was hospitalized in the ER & bedridden for a week on doctors orders. I called to tell them this & they still sent threatening emails & letters telling me they would report me & ruin my credit if I didn’t mail it in 10 days. That was such an unpleasant experience that I would never ever recommend them to anyone.

  20. Sharon says:

    I just got mine and it looks like a lot of work for nothing, because you have to have thousands of points, but I am going to try it for awhile because maybe I will change my mine. You have to answer questions for each item you buy and whether it was on sale, or did you use a coupon , or grocery store sale, for each item that is different.

  21. robin bouza says:

    I just received an email and gave info. I guess I just wait for when they will send the scanner. From what others are saying in these comments it sounds like a lot of work. I will try to be patient because it sounds like after a year it will really start to payoff. Wish me luck!!!!

  22. Wayne says:

    Mine is all boxed up and ready to go back this week! It was a total let-down :(

    Too time consuming for such little points! When I called to let them know I would be returning it, the lady got a little smart-mouthed with me…I told her nicely where she could put this scanner!

  23. Brenda says:

    I am a new member of this panel. I was told to scan everytime I do a shopping trip, then was called and said only do one time a week. Wow, not sure about this. I can’t keep all I buy in one area and keep the recipts too!!! I must be confused !!!
    Hoping I get it right !!!!


  24. kat says:

    I have been doing this for a few months now. My biggest complaint is that the scanner beeps several times when it transmits. It is set to automatically transmit late at night when everyone is usually sleeping. There are times when the beeping won’t stop and it has to be hidden in a drawer and dealt with the next day. Apparently, there is no way to silence the scanner. I hope they fix this on any new scanners they develop.

  25. Samantha M says:

    I was accepted and received the scanner and package about a week ago. It is very time consuming and they expect you to scan everything and enter in gas and pharmacy purchases as well. You are supposed to enter the amount paid and if you used coupons. If I were to scan an actual grocery trip this would take hours. On top of that the rewards are high points. You earn 150pts a week for transmitting a trip and the lowest priced reward is 9000 points. I am sending my scanner back.

  26. Dionne says:

    I got my scanner two weeks ago, I’m in Eastern NC. I don’t find it to be too time consuming. You don’t have to scan each and every item, just one of each and input how many you bought. It doesn’t really matter to me how long it takes to accrue the points either because I was just excited to get picked. I usually never get picked for this type of stuff.

  27. Jens Coupon Addiction says:

    Im on the waiting list :)

  28. Renee says:

    I also received this scanner.It is not worth the time or the hassle. I bought over 200.00 worth of grocerys and had to scan all of them. It is going BACK

    • Terry says:

      I have been a member for a couple of years. I also thought it was a lot of work for little reward….Last year I won $1000.00 in a random drawing. The more you scan & submit, the more chances you get to be in the drawings. Needless to say, I am much happier with it now. :)

  29. Teresa says:

    I did that for a while, it was a pain and the gifts were on the cheap side too. When I decided to stop, I sent the scanner back as was instructed via Federal Express, which meant they had to sign for it and they are still harrassing me saying they never received it even though they can pull up the tracking number and see who signed for it. Never again!!

  30. Cory says:

    I’ve been a member for about 4 years. Don’t expect too many points the first year, but once you get past that you accrue points pretty fast. (you also get on specialty panels that get you more points) It’s second nature now & doesn’t take much time, took a little getting used to at first, but I like being able to tell manufacturers that we definitely use the coupons… so keep ‘em coming!

  31. Ariel says:

    Accepted! Just waiting for my scanner

  32. Shannon says:

    I was accepted and did this a few years ago. It was very time consuming. After shopping, you had to scan all the items You bought and what catergory they were in. Was not fun after you grocery shopped all day and then has to scan everything! I returned after about a month.

  33. Sarah C says:

    I signed up for this panel and feel like I was suckered in. It takes over a year to get enough points for the lowest level of prizes. I already received the scanner so I’m going to go ahead with it, but I would check out their website before you do anything. I really don’t think the time will be worth it. So don’t be upset if they were not recruiting in your area. I also wonder if it’s a good idea for couponers to be members of the panel. Once they see how much we save will they really want to continue printing so many coupons?

  34. Britt says:

    I was accepted about four months ago. It is definitely not what I thought it would be. It is time consuming to record purchases and it will probably take me years to earn enough to get anything decent.

    If you didn’t get accepted, don’t feel bad!

  35. Traci says:

    Not accepting in my locations :(

  36. Jeff Davis says:

    Not recruiting in my area in Florida either.

  37. jaz says:

    houston tx., waiting for conf email..reading above comment, sounds like even more time-consuming than just our coupons(im a newbie-1mth) and im not sure i even want to do it now. ;-\

  38. BrittanyA says:

    Waiting for an email, I live in Socal!

  39. KarenG says:

    I got a message saying they’d contact me to confirm my information. I’m in KY

  40. Casey says:

    Awaiting confirmation here also (Ky) – so hopefully

  41. Mary says:

    I just received my scanner today. I will let you know how it goes.

  42. Simon says:

    Not recruiting in my area NY

  43. Cindy says:

    I filled out the questionnaire and got the confirmation email that said they would let me know in a couple of weeks…hopefully! I’m in Arkansas.

  44. Cynthia Cabrera says:

    I used to be a member…. It takes forever to accrue enough points to get anything worth while. It became a pain over time to enter all the data into the scanning system, but I heard that they may have updated the system. You have to scan EVERYTHING you buy, enter the price you paid, if you used a coupon, was it on sale, did you use a store card. For each item it became very time consuming. For all those who are going to try it out, good luck!

  45. Tim says:

    Filled out the questionnaire, awaiting confirmation email. How do you know if they aren’t recruiting? How long does it take to know if you are accepted? Thanks!

  46. Corrinda says:

    was about 3/4′s of the way done and was stopped because of malware found on the site! :( has anyone else experienced this?

    • Melissa says:

      Me too- I got all the way finished with the questions and right at the end I got a malware warning and couldn’t finish :(

  47. Kerry says:

    Not recruiting in my area of Georgia! Darn!

  48. Rebecca says:

    I wasn’t turned down, but they said in the next couple of weeks they will contact me of my status..

  49. April says:

    I got an e mail that said they would process it and get back to me in up to a couple weeks. So hopefully….

  50. Tammy says:

    Waiting on confirmation here too !

  51. Mary says:

    My scanner is arriving via Fed Ex today. I applied a few weeks ago.

  52. Yodaok says:

    Not recruiting in my area either…upstate NY.

  53. Trista says:

    I received my scanner about a month ago, I love doing it, dont mind taking the surveys either! I’ll report back on what I really think about it in a couple of months!

  54. Megan says:

    Awaiting my confirmation e-mail!

  55. Jessica says:

    Not accepting in my area -Minnesota

  56. Julie says:

    I got my scanner about a month ago. It is fun and they recently sent me a neat reuseable shopping back last week for no apparent reason! It seems like it is going to take a LONG time to accrue points to get rewards. We will see!

  57. Whitney says:

    I got a response saying I’m awaiting a confirmation email to confirm my information. I’m from Iowa! Yay! lol.

  58. alicoopa says:

    I got through the question process, and am now awaiting an email to confirm the info I gave them. I’m in the Triad area in NC.

  59. Nicole says:

    Not recruiting in my area – Louisiana :-(

  60. Kelly says:

    Not recruiting in my area either which is Georgia :(

  61. amanda says:

    I got accepted! I hope the rewards are decent!

  62. Tonya says:

    I got my scanner yesterday I applied about a month ago. I will update how it goes…seems easy enough…..I hope…lol

  63. Becky says:

    I got mine last week…it is really fun!

  64. Amber says:

    they aren’t recruiting in my area. :( darn it!

    • Anne says:

      You are not missing out on anything! I did it for a few months before I shipped the scanner back. I got on because I had been on Shoppers Hotline for over 15 years( and loved it!) but they were bought by NCP. Their scanner is a pain…you have to add in the prices YOURSELF for Walmart, and their rewards are terrible considering all the work you have to do. I guess if you don’t know any better you would think it OK, but I was used to getting money (in Amex gift cards) as the rewards….not having to pick a ‘reward gift’ for a million points!

  65. Stefanie says:

    I got accepted!!! So excited!!!! Thank you!!!!

  66. Kate says:

    Not recruiting in my area in Virginia either.

  67. Cherie says:

    Not in my area which is Colorado it seems. It was fun to try though. Wondering if anyone else got through?

  68. Melissa says:

    They are not recruiting in my area…boo