I’ve been a member of Swagbucks now for almost a year, and I am finally getting the hang of how to earn. In less than a year, I have racked up almost $130 in Amazon gift cards!  With some of my Swag-Pro tips, you can maximize your Swag earnings too. Here’s how I earn every day:

  • Daily Polls: A quick single question poll located under the earn tab.  You can do these every day for 1 SB.
  • NOSO’s: Again under the earn tab. You can click through these to earn 2 SBs a day. There are no strings attached, and no need to enter any information. Just keep clicking “see next offer” until you get your SBs.
  • Ad Rewards: Under the earn tab, click special offers, then Ad Rewards. You have to fill out a quick 3-question survey, and then watch videos to earn. Pay attention, though; throughout the video two numbers will run along the perimeter of the video. You have to enter those after the video is finished to get your SBs. On average I earn 2-3 SBs a day from this.
  • Inbox: Check your inbox daily. Every day I have a message with an opportunity to earn 3 SBs by simply watching a video.
  • Surveys: This is the Big Kahuna of how to earn the most SBs every day. Under the earn tab, click Trusted Surveys. These are safe and secure and provide the bulk of my SwagBuck earnings. You have up to 5 chances each day to qualify for a survey.  If you don’t qualify, you still are rewarded 1 SB for each survey you attempt, up to 5 SBs. I just started doing these, and in less than 2 months I’ve earned 1700 SBs from this power earner.
  • Icon Options: At the bottom of the SwagBucks home page there is a scroll bar of picture icons with different special offers to earn SBs. I typically don’t do the offers, but every once in awhile there will be an icon for a video to watch to earn a few extra SBs. I check these every day, because every little bit ads up.
  • Search: Instead of Google or Yahoo, make Swagbucks your toolbar, or homepage. A random search can typically earn you 7-35 SBs a day. I make it a goal to get at least one search swag reward a day.
  • Swagbucks TV: Under the earn tab, click Swagbucks TV. Watch 10 videos to earn 3 SBs. As far as I know there is no limit on how many videos you can watch in a single day.

Cashing In Tip: I’ve been watching the swagstore like a hawk for the last year, scoping out what the best deal is for my swagbucks. By far the $5 Amazon.com gift card, for 450 SBs, gives you the most bang for your Swagbuck. Make sure that as soon as your earn 450 SBs you purchase your Amazon gift card. You can only redeem 5 like prizes per month. Once your gift cards are verified and placed in your SwagBucks gift card account, you can transfer them into your Amazon.com account.

Hope these tips help you earn more from SwagBucks!

This has been a guest post by Jessica from Amherst, OH
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35 thoughts on “How I Earn Hundreds Per Year with Swagbucks”

  1. Regarding Swagbucks TV video limits, there is a 150 SB limit per day, which equates to… 500 videos. It’s not a limit many people have the time or patience to even get close to in the first place. Personally as I plan to use this service for direct PayPal payments to pad out general earnings, but I do shop on Amazon a lot, so I like the $5 Amazon card. It’s like saving $5 on my Amazon stuff and then saving 50 cents on the savings themselves. ^^;;

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree. After I get my one item, I’m saving for Christmas. My son will LOVE getting that $20 PSN card in his stocking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i would subscibe in this website but everytime  failed cause the letteres didn t match  what i can do to register with it i m so exciting plz help  thank u

    • Anonymous says:

      i would subscibe in this website but everytime failed cause the letteres didn t match what i can do to register with it i m so exciting plz help thank u

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve gotten some Amazon cards and Starbuck’s with what I’ve earned.

  5. Joyce Tong says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips.  I will start implementing some of them into my practice to see if I can start making it pay for at least part of Christmas.

  6. Susan says:

    Yep.  I earn a significant amount of SB’s by printing coupons there.  I think the bloggers (not just KCL) never mention this feature because they want you to print coupons through their site. 

  7. silly gal says:

    I’ve only been seriously doing this about 1 month and have redeemed 5 $5 amazon cards and have over 100 swagbucks more than enough for 5 more for next month too…at this rate it’s enough for $600 worth in amazon cards…but we swaggernauts know that’s twice as many of those as we can redeem in a year.  So, realistically it’s $300 per year plus about halfway to a $500 amazon card too…and I don’t even qualify for many surveys.  So, if I start getting more surveys I could easily get that $500 in the same year as I get the other $300.

    • Ryan B says:

       How do you have so many points? Is it referrals? Whats the one thing that gives you the most points? I have yet to get any points on searches, and have done quite a few little things on the site like watch videos and the poll, but I have yet to even get a $5 gift card! :(

      • silly gal says:

         for me it’s doing the sbtv.  I only have one referral and he’s at zero so I think he changed his mind after signing up.  I just let the video play until the meter moves to the next 10% mark and click on the next one and let them play while I work in another screen.

  8. silly gal says:

     I LOVE this feature and it takes about 8-12 weeks according to the site…still waiting for my first batch to credit to my account from a couple weeks ago now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Toolbar gives you 1 SB a day EVERY day. That’s 30ish SB a month just for installing and opening your browser.

  10. Kelli Cherry says:

    I have made $130 in 3 months from this site! :-D

  11. MDeniseJ says:

    I love Swag Bucks.  

  12. Anonymous says:

    I started in August and I’ve already redeemed 31 gift cards worth $365.00. I got CVS cards when I first started to supplement my couponing. But now I’m saving up Amazon gift cards so that I can buy a new laptop. I’m definitely hooked!

  13. Karie Petrovich says:

    I LOVE swagbucks and the amazon gift cards.  In the last year and a half I have been using it I have not paid full price for diapers once.  Sometimes I have not paid at all for them.  It really isn’t any “work” to search using swagbucks instead of google.  In fact, instead of using bookmarks I simply type whatever it is in the search box and reach it that way.  Yes it’s an extra step but takes only seconds and has earned me a ton of swagbucks.

  14. I got $85 in CVS gift cards that I used with their store deals and got a lot of gift cards so far. I also saved $800 at CVS since January, and didn’t spend more than $50. Swag bucks has been my best source of gift cards to get free diapers, baby items, etc.

  15. most months i earn anywhere from $50-$75, thats anywhere from $600-$900 a year!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been doing it for about 8months, 2 months seriously. I have enough right now I could get 2 $25 paypal cards. I’m saving up for a roku though. Last fall when we decided to drop satelite and go netflix/hulu, I promised myself this little indulgence for my bedroom. Since I’m not really paying for it I feel so much better about it.

    • silly gal says:

       I suggest you hurry and get your daily max of 2 $5 amazon cards as today is the last day of the month and you can get 2 like prizes in one day and 5 like prizes in a month.  Your item is on sale in the swagstore for 10,499 swagbucks which equals $116.66.  10,499 / 450 (amount for amazon card) = 23.33 cards needed to equal that amount.  23.33 * $5 = $116.66 (to convert it to dollars).  On amazon it’s currently on sale for $73.93 with free super saver shipping ($79.99 regular).  So, you’d save $42.72…I say it’s worth it to do amazon cards instead.

      • Anonymous says:

        I understand what you’re saying but it won’t work for me. I don’t use Amazon and have no intentions of it. So if I got the saver shipping I might as well just buy the roku straight out.

  17. Kris says:

    Way too much work for such little return. And $130 per year is not hundreds per year as the headline suggests…

    • AN Ha says:

      If you get the max of 5 Amazon GC per month, that’s $300 per year.  

    • silly gal says:

       that’s what I thought when I first started but now I know it really works!!

    • Susan says:

      I agree. 

      I do the daily poll and NOSO in the morning when I’m still half asleep.  I use the search engine enough to get some SB’s once or twice a day, but it’s nowhere as good as google.  The games, surveys, sbtv and stuff is a complete waste of time.  It’ll earn you a fraction of minimum wage if you break your earnings down by the time you spend. 

      This post also doesn’t mention referrals.  Anyone who is raking up tons of GC’s is earning tons of SB’s through referrals.  Not that there is anything wrong with that — that’s how these social media sites work.  But interesting how blog posts like this one don’t tell you that if you sign up through them, they will earn SB’s from your searches. 

      Speaking of referrals, I don’t have a blog or anything and therefore no way to get hundreds of people to sign up under me.  But I do have a few friends and family members who signed up under me when I introduced them to swagbucks.  I get referral sb’s almost daily, which is really nice.  Everyone who has a swagbucks account has a referral link right on the main page that they can share with friends and family to get referrals. 

    • Karina Koji says:

      i earn way more than $130 a year with swagbucks, and it is hardly any work at all! i just use the search field to visit my favourite sites, run the TV in another tab while i am using facebook or doing other things (and you only need to “watch” the first 45 seconds of each video), and do the really easy two-minute tasks or special offers. i average about $40 a month doing this.

  18. You can watch 50 rounds of SBTV a day…but supposedly that’s only temporary and it will so back to 25 rounds of 10.

    • silly gal says:

       Yes, it is only temporary and will be cut in half (back to the norm) the end of April.  Also, if you have a smartphone with the app you can do additional rounds on there too to earn even more…I can’t remember that max as I don’t have internet on my cell.

      • Leah Bishop says:

        The SBTV app isn’t available on iOS so you can only use it on an Android phone. The max is 50 points per day.

        • silly gal says:

          I don’t have a smartphone so I don’t even know what iOS means…lol.  Is sbtv mobile equal to the regular in the points earned…I mean do you still get 3 swagbucks per 10 videos…I’m wondering how you get 50 swagbucks maximum as it’s not divisible by 3…thanks!

  19. Karina Koji says:

    i joined about three months ago and earn about $40 per month. it’s painless and even fun!