reviewed Viggle once before, but it’s changed quite a bit since its initial launch.

Due to increased popularity, Viggle executives decided to make some not-so-pleasant changes. It is still possible to earn free things just by watching TV with the App available on iOS and Android devices.

Here’s how it works and some of the bigger changes:


How it works

Now: Viggle allows viewers to check in to the shows they watch on TV through audio recognition software. Through the app, click on the home screen and it will pick up the audio of the show. After a few seconds, it should recognize the show, and you confirm your check-in. If you’re having audio technical difficulties, it will allow you to manually search for shows 60 min. or less after three attempts at picking up audio.

Before: In order to do a manual check-in, you only had to have a failed audio check-in twice. You also could manually check in to any show, not only ones that are 60 min. or less.

Earn points

Once checked in, Viggle awards one point for every minute of TV you watch. There also is a carousel of featured shows every night that awards bonus points. Bonus points range from 50 points up to 200 points or more!

Many nights, one or more shows will have a Viggle Live event, which allows users to answer trivia questions for more points. Usually, each correct answer is worth 25 points, and incorrect answers are worth 5 points. During special events like awards shows or major sporting events, there also will be prediction questions worth up to 100 points.

During the day, users also can browse the app looking for ads that may be worth points. Ads can range from anywhere to 5 points to 100 points.

Viggle also occasionally offers TV Genius trivia throughout the day where users can answer general TV questions for 5-10 points.

The Viggle Offer Wall allows users to participate in sponsor offers to get more points. Many are paid offers, but there are some with free trials where you still get the points even after canceling the trial.

Before: When it first launched, Viggle offered two points for every minute of TV watched. Bonus points for featured shows also have dropped–they used to be upward of 500 points each. Also, KCL’s prior article reported some trivia questions being worth as much as 2,000 points, which is no longer the case. Finally, the TV Genius trivia and Offer Wall both are new within the past month or so.

Get free stuff

After earning points, you can browse the rewards catalog to redeem for free stuff. Popular rewards are Best Buy and Amazon gift cards, which cost 62,500 points and are worth $25. Other rewards include Starbucks, CVS, Old Navy, Sephora, Foot Locker, iTunes and more. Gift card values start at $5, which cost 10,000 points.

If you don’t want gift cards, you can save up the big points for items like a Kindle Fire, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro and even a cruise!

Those point values may sound like a lot, but you can earn up to 6,000 points a day, and they rack up quickly. (For example, I’ve been using the app for about three months now and have earned $125 in Best Buy gift cards, as well as numerous smaller cards to places like Starbucks and Foot Locker.)

Before: Rewards used to start as low as 4,000 points for a $5 gift card.

This has been a guest post by Larissa from Mechanicsburg, PA
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10 thoughts on “How to Get Paid to Watch the Tube”

  1. Those of you who have used Viggle, what are your suggestions to maximize the points?

  2. Amber says:

    I signed up today I watch a lot a TV and figured why not get something for it. But I have a couple of questions. Hoping someone can answer them. 1) do I have to stay on the internet to use this? 2) if I exit out of the App after I’ve checked into a show will the points keep accumulating?

    • Dawn Harris says:

      You can exit and still get the points. 3 people in my house have accounts and sometimes we all use the same device to check in, you only get checked out if you check in to another show or the show you are watching is over.

  3. Kara Bennett says:

    even though the points needed to earn rewards have gone up and the points you can reasonably earn per day have gone down you might as well still do it. you are still getting something for doing almost nothing. and its very easy also it takes little to no effort most of the time. just do it and save up and before you know it you will be getting a brand new nikon camera like i just did! plus if you redeem for the gift cards like best buy and pair those with ones you can redeem for from other apps that reward you for almost doing nothing you can earn the big bucks faster. pair viggle with other apps like shopkick, checkpoints, appredeem, and daily feats and field agent and you will get rewards faster. plus you can create accounts on multiple devices to help you gain points faster like for instance using your iphone or android phone, then use your old ipod and you will gain them twice as fast.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to check in on Viggle everyday and was earning approx, $10 a week for just checking in after work and weekends; now, I don’t even bother…. It is way to hard to accumulate the points needed to earn the rewards now.

  5. Dawn Harris says:

    Most of the $5 gift cards are 12,500 like Starbucks. CVS and Old Navy were 10,000 last time they had them in stock, which was 2 weeks ago, but they weren’t even stocked up for 24 hours before they ran out. About every few weeks the points you earn goes down, and the amount you pay goes up. And their terms say you can earn upto 6000 points a day, but please do not think that is going to happen. I earn the max amount on hours checked in, which is 720, and then usually get all of the bonus points for bonus shows at night. I also do ads when they are avaiable, which is typically 2-3 per day for at the most, 125 points. I have not made even 2000 points per day for quite some tine now.

  6. Kat says:

    They have many one-star reviews, AFAICS.

    • Anonymous says:

      They sure do. I have been using Viggle for 6 months now and loved it until the Olympics were over. They gave you all kinds of oppertunities to earn points. The week after the Olympics were done they increased the points needed for rewards by several thousand, decreased the bonus points from 200 to 50, decreased VL from 25 points to 10 points for right answers and 5 points to 1 point for wrong answers. And good luck finding more than 5 adds a day. The author of this article is missleading you. The only way you are going to really earn anything with this app is if you are on it 24/7. Oh and one more thing. If you don’t follow the rules you are band but they don’t tell you that you are band until you try and redeam the points for a reward. So you could be earning points for months saving up for a $25 gift card to find out you’ve been band.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah. I’ve been trying to earn point s for a Lowe’s Gift Card and when I signed up like 2 months ago, it was like 45000 (if I’m not mistaken). Then it’s disappeared like forever till last week and it’s up to 65000 or so… It seems like forever that you can earn points and most of the times when you have problems recognizing a program, it simply brings you back to the original check in screen and you loose the options for reattempting and manually enter the program… Like this the program minutes go by and when you finally get to check in you might end up getting half the points you were supposed to because you end up checking in half way the program… I’m still hesitant if it’s worth it or not… I’m still trying but I haven’t been able to get the 6000 /day it offers… Most I get is the bonus points (most of them now are +50 but you still have +100<—very few) plus points per minute for the prime time programs and then points per minute for the rest of the day… But nothing near the 6000… :-/