When people tell me they aren’t SwagBucks members, the first question I ask them is, “Why not?” There is no easier way to earn rewards than with SwagBucks. I am convinced! The best thing about this program is I can earn bucks by doing the things I do everyday. By shopping online, using the SwagBucks search engine, and answering short surveys, I can quickly rack up bucks to spend on great rewards and gift cards.

As SwagBucks members know, Fridays are the best day to be a member! On Fridays, SwagBucks launches MegaBucks and throws large denominations of bucks into the mix for members to claim by simply using the search engine. Members are also eligible for weekly contests, sweepstakes, special offers and more. I love earning bucks to redeem on Amazon gift cards, as I use them to purchase subscribe and save grocery items. SwagBucks helps me stretch my grocery budget…who knew?!

Here is how to become a SwagBucks member!

  • Visit SwagBucks today.
  • Fill out the short information form and click the “get started” button.
  • Answer a few brief security questions and click the “submit”  button.
  • You are all registered! You will earn 30 instant SwagBucks to get you started! Woo hoo!
  • Once you confirm your email, you may begin earning SwagBucks and start working your way to great rewards!

Become a SwagBucks member now so you can take advantage of Mega SwagBucks today and for Fridays to come! Remember you will get 30 SwagBucks to get you started. Membership is FREE and will always be FREE. Join today, and people won’t have to give you that crazy look anymore when you tell them you aren’t a SwagBucks member!


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3 thoughts on “Mega SwagBucks Day is Here! Are you a SwagBucks Member Yet?”

I don’t search often if I do it isn’t usually on a Friday so I don’t get any points. Aside from searching the only way I know to get 3 points daily is to watch 10 SB videos or use their coupons for points (not sure how many haven’t used any yet).


I recently joined SB and I love it. I already redeemed 2 $10 amazon Giftcards. Yay! I would have never heard of it if it weren’t for this site. thx!


Sounds like you’re really doing well at this.  The one and only time I have ever gotten a mega buck on Friday was 20 sb on June 10, 2011.  Doesn’t seem to work at all for me.  I have been keeping track of sb for awhile and generally only get 15-25 a day.  And I work hard for those.  I’m almost always disqualified for the surveys.  How do you do it?  Any suggestions?