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Sign up for Pinecone Research and Get Paid $3.00/ Survey!

Pinecone Research

PineCone Research is actively recruiting NEW panelists!
If you are over 18 and live in the US, register to join the PineCone Panel for an opportunity to evaluate new product ideas in the comfort of your own home and earn cash rewards for your opinions!

 Pinecone Research is a well respected pay-for-survey company, and they are accepting new applicants! To see if you qualify, go here and fill out a very short questionnaire.  If they are looking for people in your demographic then you will be able to start earning $3 per survey right away which you can choose to receive by either check or PayPal.  You will also be sent free items to try out in exchange for your opinion!

*Hint* If you are over 65, try going through this link and you will be more likely to get accepted!  If you are 18-65, go here.

We only post about legitimate survey companies that we have personally researched and checked out.  Some are better than others, but we will never post about a company that could be considered a “scam” or will ask you for your credit card information. You should never have to purchase or sign up for anything from a survey company.

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18 thoughts on “Sign up for Pinecone Research and Get Paid $3.00/ Survey!”

  1. Cristal says:

    I just receiced my first check last Saturday and took survey on Tuesday of last week.
    I am Latina, married w/ 2 children

  2. I didn’t get accepted… Are there any other reputable companies like this I could apply for?

  3. Jo says:

    this might sound like a dumb question and im sorry if it is…but do you report this as income on your taxes?

  4. A. S. says:

    Hmm… seemed to have extra emphasis on what race you are. Maybe small family + white = not what they’re looking for?

  5. Carrie says:

    Accepted! So cool

  6. Newb Coupons says:

    Ive been with them for years, back when they paid $5 a survey or more. Im not sure about how to be accepted but i know you need to keep up on your Household Questions and Survey’s every single time they come in or they can drop you.

    Now my teenage daughter is getting survey’s and products to try herself and we get paid for those too.

  7. Renee Harbaugh says:

    this is the 3rd time i’ve tried and not been accepted =( anyone have any pointers on getting in???

    • Jesse Black says:

      I applied and got in. Not sure what it is they are looking for but i am 30, married with 4 children and female. Not sure if that helps…

    • Michelle Martinez says:

      It really just depends on the market they are looking for.

  8. not accepted oh well…I tried

  9. Celia White says:

    not accepted. anyone has any “pointers”? :)

  10. Not accepted…. at least I tried though! :) Keep the faith, they keep it on file.

  11. We’re sorry!

    This offer is not available in your area.

  12. AmandaS says:

    I do this..and it’s a great company! They send the $3 checks really fast when you complete the surveys. And $3 doesn’t seem that much but when you get 4 of them in the mail. Like I did today.. :) It really helps and hey $3 is at least something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you gotten any of the products to try? mine always say if choosen will you test this product?

      • Michelle Martinez says:

        I was apart of pinecone a few years ago I did get selected to test a product out. It just depends on your answer when you complete the survey.