It seems like there is always a reason to earn some extra cash: Vacations, credit card bills, and even general living expenses.

One of the easiest? Vehicle wrap advertising! It won’t interfere with your normal routine, and all you have to do is allow a company to display an advertisement on your car and then drive! It is possible to earn as much as $500 in one month!

After submitting an application, an approved applicant is matched to a vehicle advertising company in their area. Once the car is wrapped with the advertisement, the applicant is instructed to drive the car as they normally would on a regular basis.

Here are some companies that participate in vehicle wrap advertising:

Adz in Motion

Get paid up to $500 each month while driving your normal commute by displaying an advertisement for Adz in Motion. To be eligible, your car must be in good condition and you must be a daily commuter.

To participate in an Adz in Motion campaign, participants must register with the company, then make an appointment to have the decal installed. The car must be driving during the amount of time agreed upon in the contract, and once that time has ended, the decal is removed and the participant is paid.

Free Car Media

Earn $50 to $400 monthly for wrapping your vehicle in ads ranging from a rear window advertisement to a full-vehicle wrap. As of this writing, advertisers working with Free Car Media are mainly looking for rear window advertisements.

After the ad decal is sent to the participant they are instructed to apply it to the car. Free Car Media offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to properly apply the decal. You will need dish soap, water, rubbing alcohol, masking tape, scissors, and a tool to smooth out the ad. The site also provides information about how to care for the decal and remove it.

Driven Media

People with active lifestyles are sought to participate in auto wrap campaigns for Driven Media. The company pays up to $400 per month, depending on vehicle type, commute, and ad campaign. The qualification criteria are quite comprehensive. Driven Media accepts drivers with a moderate commute and clean driving record, and there are also specific auto insurance requirements.

Driving is tracked through monthly reports that are prepared by participants. Contract terms are 3 to 24 months (on average) and compensation is received at the end of each month.

Additional advice

  • Vehicle wrap advertising has been in existence since the early 1990s. It has ramped up in recent years, but with the increase in popularity comes the increased risk of getting caught in a scam.
  • While vehicle wrap ads are a great additional income source, there are some things to watch out for to avoid scams. If you are solicited to participate in an auto wrap campaign, do careful research to ensure the claim is legitimate. Don’t agree to a request to pay the company as part of the sign-up process. Most auto wrap organizations do not require a fee for signing up.
  • Consumer feedback has been mostly positive. According to, drivers are earning up to $700 each month through these campaigns. Some positives include the fact that vehicle wrap advertising is a legitimate opportunity and an easy way to earn extra money. The drawbacks include limited availability depending on area.
  • Consider the requirements needed for successful placement into an auto-wrap campaign. Generally, vehicles must have auto insurance. Placing an ad on your vehicle makes you a representative of the advertiser. Think about your driving habits and the importance of driving responsibly. Additionally, if an ad is not the right fit, keep in mind that most auto wrap companies will work with you to find an ad that you would be proud to represent on your vehicle.

This is a guest post by Jennifer from San Antonio, TX
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  1. Marco Alcantar says:

    Hello my name is marco I well like to get the work done in my car send me a message how to get started marcoalcantar520@

  2. Robbie B says:

    Dumb ass, KCL isn’t in the business of doing your research for you. Take responsibility for yourself.

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    there are a lot of scams like these around please be careful do your research

  4. Tammy murphy says:

    I’m very interested in the car wrap in Charleston. Wv area

  5. Tom says:

    Please contact for more details on how to participate and be enlisted. We currently are looking taking applications. Thanks

  6. Michelle M says:

    I just started with Wrap Match, just got my ad and put it on my car (it’s one that goes on the back window) FYI – I am located in Virginia. This is a legit company. You do have to pay a small fee for a driving record, primarily they don’t anyone with DUI’s. Here is the phone number, 855-969-5224. Everyone that I talked to there is very friendly and helpful. They will explain everything to you. I will try and update as I continue working with them.

  7. charlie king says:

    im looking for a company that does this in jacksonville,fl

  8. Edie Edmonds says:

    I drive 1,500 miles a week. Who would you recommend

  9. Kathy says:

    How long does it take to get response back to be start making money

  10. I drive 36,000 miles a year would be good advertisement

  11. I would like someone to call me about this or email me please very intrested

  12. I would like someone to contact me as soon as possible about this. because I am very interested. And I’m definitely willing to have my vehicle wrapped…. but I also to not too long ago was scammed by someone. So please contact me if this is a legit company

  13. Anonymous says:

    how do I start?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I live in ohio and live on a main street of town would like to do either of these 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just applied at  I have a 06 lexus GS and I live in Atlanta.  I’ll keep you all informed. 

  16. Anonymous says: has done reviews on the the top companies that pay you to drive. I think that would be the best place to start if you want to advertise on your car. Just sayin. 

  17. Anonymous says: has done reviews on the the top companies that pay you to drive. I think that would be the best place to start if you want to advertise on your car. Just sayin. 

  18. Karen says:

    I would like to find company’s that do this , I live in North Carolina

  19. Rose Flores-Arellano says:

    And how would I find a company that pays to do this. I go to and from southern ca to Wa every year 2 to 3 times a year I also go to vegas and the west coast of cali. I haven’t been ale to find a creditable company that actually pays 400 a month.

    • Aristeo says:

      Just applied with wrap match here in Las Vegas 8-13-2014 I’ll keep an update really excited to earn extra income in the side from my career. Thank Michelle for that number they are very informative and help full.

      • aaron says:

        Be careful…I just filled out the application through….as soon as I filled it out it took me to a spammy make money through taking pictures website….really sketchy and now I’m nervous that I gave them my information….I wish the Crazy Coupon Lady would have checked this website out a little more carefully.

      • Deianeira says:

        my boyfriend and I both applied to wrapmatch. I havent paid them yet. I kind of want to know if paying the driving record is worth it. LIke if you can please post on here once you recieve your decal and what you think, that would be helpful.