Get Paid as a KCL Contributor!

UPDATED 5/27/15

Hello money-saving expert! We are currently revamping our editorial space and will not be accepting new article submissions until further notice. Please stay tuned, though! This is only temporary!

The KCL contributor network is a new way for stay-at-home moms, working women and men-who-are-in-touch-with-their-money-saving-side to share their expertise with KCL’s audience of millions.  Earn money by submitting original, engaging content that helps others learn to save money!

1. Choose your topic. Select an area of expertise and write an article about how to save money relating to one of the following topics:

a.    Style/Fashion 

b.    Home/Gardening

c.    Travel/Entertainment

d.    Family/Parenting

e.    Extreme Couponing

f.     Finance

2.  Create a Title. Make a title that grabs the reader’s attention.  Look at the engaging titles you see on sites like Yahoo, and create a title that makes even a hurried reader pause with interest.

3.  Write your Article. Compose your article for the busy woman (or man) who loves a deal almost more than her own mother! Keep in mind, all articles must be original and NOT previously published.

a.    Choose a narrow focus.  We are more likely to accept articles that share in-depth money saving strategies on a narrow topic, as opposed to shallow tips on a broad topic.
Examples: Instead of an article about how to save on planning a wedding, write about how to save on fresh flowers for the wedding or how to get a state license, which allows you to shop at a wholesaler and DIY arrangement suggestions. Or, instead of an article about how to save on your wardrobe, write about how to save on wardrobe by using price adjustments and give lots of detail and specifics.

b.      Make it fresh and new. Avoid redundant tips and information we’ve all heard before.  Tell the reader something she didn’t know so that she’s left wanting to ‘share this with a friend!’  We want unique, innovative, out-of-the-ordinary ideas!

c.    Write concise paragraphs.  Use bullets and avoid lengthy paragraphs.  The goal is for a reader to be able to get an overall feel for your entire article in about 5-10 seconds.  Keep articles between 200-800 words in length.  Articles with excessive grammatical, spelling and/or punctuation errors will not be accepted.

d.    Infuse your article with wit and personality.  Be corny, stay relatable, make it personal.  Write in the “I” form.  Include a catchy introduction, some funny sarcasm, and loads of creativity to set you apart.

e.    Give specifics. Wherever possible, share specific examples: past deals, where to find a product (with hyperlink), coupon codes to use online, and any other strategy to purchase products mentioned in the article at a discount.

4. Select an Image.  Choose an image from or upload your own.  No need to purchase the photo from iStock; simply include a link to the image in your submission.

5. Submit the article.  Email your article to where it will be considered for publication. We prefer that you simply paste your article into the body of your email rather than send an attachment. You will receive a response within 7 days.  Include your first name, and city/state so we can include it at the bottom of your post!

6. Get Paid! Upon acceptance, receive up to $50 payment via PayPal!

***Do not submit time-sensitive posts including: coupon deals at grocery or drugstores, free samples, printable coupons, or any other deal that may be unavailable within 72 hours of post-submission.***