What I’m about to share is a fact that I used to know, but that I had forgotten, or at least not had the brains to use these last few months during couponing at Albertsons. I love scanning the Albertsons preview on Tuesdays and getting ready to shop on Wednesdays before the stores are sold out of the best items. But I hate HAVING to shop early and I hate that in all of our helping people find deals, we’re also helping the stores sell out of the items we all need. Here’s the solution:
Albertsons is VERY willing to pre-order items in bulk for you- Be it cereal (wished I had ordered the multigrain cheerios) or diapers, whatever. They order it in and call you when it’s ready to pick up. You cannot prepay, you pay once items are in. I just went in this evening and ordered all my quaker stuff I want and it will be in on Friday. Now I don’t have to get up early to shop and I don’t have to feel bad for buying out the entire stock of quaker instant oatmeal. I’ll be leaving it on the shelves for the rest of you!
Another thing, an Albertsons employee told me this week will be the last promo like this until March.