We’ve had lots of visitors looking for specific information on the
Albertsons Fuel Rewards
Program so here are the pertinent details on this AWESOME deal from Albertsons that can just about earn you FREE FUEL!
  • Every time you accumulate $50 in qualified purchases, you'll earn a 5 cent per gallon discount good on your first 20 gallons purchased at participating Albertsons Express locations.
  • If your one car won’t hold 20 gallons, you can take two cars, pull them up to the same pump and use up all 20 gallons on two vehicles.
  • The reward is based on your PRE-COUPON total!! On some big catalina promotions some KCLs’ pre-coupon total is something like $500 and they only spend $50, so they’d get 50 cents off per gallon just for one big trip!
  • Gas Rewards expire 90 days from the date of award issuance.
  • The reward is basically 10% of your total pre-coupon purchases at Albertsons, but it is awarded in $50 increments. So if you spend $48.70 pre-coupon, you wouldn’t get anything or if you spend $99.00 you would only get 5 cents. But if you spend $101.00 you get 10 cents off.
  • You do NOT need your preferred card at the pump to cash in on your rewards. Simply use one of your Albertsons receipts and look in the upper right corner for your preferred savings number. Enter this at the pump to redeem your rewards.
  • Qualified purchases exclude dairy, prescriptions, tobacco, alcohol, money orders, stamps, lottery tickets, gift cards and fuel.
  • And the Best Part is until the end of March Albertsons is DOUBLING gas rewards, so instead of .05 cents for $50 purchase, it’s now .10 cents. That’s 20%!
  • See the Official Rules Here. Official Rules also contain all participating locations in Idaho and Nevada as well as the locations of all the Albertsons Express Gas Stations.