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We’re pleased to unveil our first Restaurant.Com review of Boise’s Ono Hawaiian Cafe. Please leave a comment and add your review if you’ve visited this restaurant. Thanks to our wonderful authors, Alysia and Tiffani and their husbands for writing this great review and thanks to the Ono for participating! Read more about how to get a $25 gift certificate at an amazing discount under our new “Restaurant Reviews” Tab.

"What a gem of a restaurant in Boise”

“I am unaware of any other restaurant in the Boise area that can provide this kind of experience. If you love Hawaiian food and culture, you will love Ono!"

"An awesome place to eat and take a break from your “same-old, same-old” franchise restaurants."

Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 stars.

"Fun atmosphere. They have live dancers on Friday nights, which was fun. But, the dancer only danced in the room we weren’t seated in, so we didn’t get to see much dancing. The decor was very nice. Bathroom was in a bit of disrepair, but not many people see that I guess."

"I like the music and dance performances. The chairs could have been more comfortable (could use some cushion)."

Family Friendly: 3 and a quarter stars:

"There isn’t a lot of seating room in the restaurant, so if you’re hoping to bring a car seat, you can’t really plan on it fitting somewhere out of the way. And, the menu really didn’t seem to have “kid friendly” options on it besides french fries. So, be sure that if you’re taking your kids with you, they’ll like Hawaiian food."

"Lots of tables in a small area. Not a lot of room for highchairs or car seats."

Service 4 and a quarter stars:

"The staff was nice…we always had our water topped off and they were nice, but there wasn’t really anything extra-ordinary about it. So, I’d give it an average rating."

"Friendly and attentive, beverages were always quickly filled when they were less than half-full."

Food: 4 and a half stars

"The food at this restaurant is SOOO good. We tried the buffet, so we got a wide array of different things to try. The meat was seasoned well and very tender. My favorite was the Kalua pig (pulled pork)."

"Great menu. Lots of authentic choices. Not any “American food” substitues that I saw, but I appreciate that…if you’re a Hawaiian restaurant, you should serve Hawaiian food, right?"

"If you love pulled pork, it’s the best I’ve had."

Price: 3 and a quarter stars

As far as rating the price, I had a hard time, because the buffet is very pricey…but obviously you get a lot of food (if you eat a lot 🙂 Personally, I think I’d opt for a menu item, and spend not quite as much on dinner…and take home leftovers. I’d go for the Kanak Attack ($14), which has a variety of their 3 most popular menu items…Kalua Pig, Teriyaki Chicken, and my personal favorite, Grilled Teriyaki Steak and it comes with coconut rice as well. They even have the option of doing a Kanak Attack half-order for half the price…don’t find that many places!

"Prices are comparable to most nice restaruants. Portions are more than enough to fill you up with some to take home."


"Overall, I give Ono four out of five stars. Dining at Ono is a unique experience. The pork and chicken are very tender and addictive – some of the best I have had! Our waitress was friendly and attentive to all of our wants. Upon request, she politely explained each item on the buffet. I was also impressed with the live music and Hawaiian dancing. I am unaware of any other restaurant in the Boise area that can provide this kind of experience. If you love Hawaiian food and culture, you will love Ono!"

"We had a great dining experience. However, I do think that the buffet dinner is priced too high at $21.00 per person."

"What a gem of a restaurant in Boise…if you can find it. It is hidden back behind a tire store, so keep your eyes peeled. Definitely one of my top 3 restaurants in the area. I absolutely LOVE this place. Fine, it’s not the best place to dine with kids, but that’s all the better to have a date night out without them!"

"An awesome place to eat and take a break from your “same-old, same-old” franchise restaurants."



A separate vendor located inside the Ono Hawaiian Cafe.

Food: 4 stars

"The smoothies were good. They are more of an icey smoothie than creamy one. Very natural flavors. I liked it." Ryan and Alysia

"Great taste and several varieties to choose from." Paul and Tiffani

Price: 3 stars

"The smoothies were good, but pretty pricey." Alysia and Ryan

"Think they are priced a little high, but maybe that’s just me because I make my one smoothies at home." Paul and Tiffani

Service: 4 and a quarter stars

"Very, very nice and friendly." Alysia

"Very fast and accommodating." Paul and Tiffani

Overview: Great smoothie, but you have to be willing to spend a little bit more.

Thanks to our authors Tiffani and Alysia for conducting a great review!