Part 5

Coupon Printing- Tips and Tricks

Internet Printable– Where do I find them?

There is no short answer to where you should look for internet printables… but here’s a short list of my favorite sites.

This site is really extensive. They have links for Group A and Group B and (my favorite) a huge list of “singles”. The singles list includes manufacturers websites that offer a coupon not listed in Groups A or B.

I also like this site because you don’t login, and there’s no registration. It’s very quick and easy. (although, sometimes you’ll need to login to the individual manufactures websites to print)

You have to create a log in and password for this site. BUT you can use multiple emails to create more than one login and then print more than 2 times. This site has coupons for brands that go on sale a ton at Albertsons (pillsbury, general mills, ect.)

Often the printables here correlate with items on sale at Albertsons, and since Albertson’s takes competitor coupons you can stack them with a manufacturer coupon and save more!

I love going through all the threads on the pyp printable coupon forum. I have found a lot of new ip’s this way.

Group A


Group B


When should I print them?

So once you know where to get them… the question is Do I print ip’s when I find them or when I need them???

Here are a few things to take into consideration…

1. Many coupon offers have a print limit (once that limit is reached they will end the campaign and the coupons won’t be available to print.)

2. What are the chances you will be able to find the link to the coupon when you need it?

3. How likely are you to buy the product if you have a coupon

When I find a coupon I ask myself:

“Will I be disappointed if I come back to print it and the offer is over?

If the answer is yes, I usually print it right away.

“Is this for something I buy regulary?”

If the answer is yes I usually print it right away.

—Often if you wait until the product is on sale, You won’t be able to print it because the limit has been met or the campaign has ended.

—I have a folder in my email with links to ip’s in case I decide I want to print it later. This way at least I can find it if I go looking.

Is it worth the ink?

Yes, but Change your printer settings to conserve ink.

On my computer I follow these steps to change the setting. (it will stay this way until you change it back)

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click on Printers and Faxes

3. Select which printer you want to adjust

4. Highlight the “Printer” Tab at the Top

and Select
Printing Preferences”

5. Click on the tab
“Print Quality” Then select “Fast Draft”

6. Now, go to the
“Color” Tab and Check the box that says “Gray Scale” and “Black Print Cartridge Only”