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I am learning many things: some economic and some human nature. The economics I take to easily. Human nature, however, is somewhat foreign to me, but I am soldiering through the discomfort and believe I have some insights which help me navigate the maze of aisles, checkout stands, cashiers, and other Krazy Couponers roaming the stores.

I read some of the comments about my second attempt at Walmart and do want to say that I do use or will use most of what I purchase. Some items (Kotex and baby stuff), I PROBABLY wouldn’t use, but who knows? Perhaps with my coupon experimentation, I may be absorbing certain pheromones from the many lady couponers I meet in the stores. As a matter of fact, lately I feel a little bloated and often start to cry at the slightest thoughts of babies, small animals, or flowers delivered for no special reason…. But, I digress.

Yesterday afternoon I went to TF with the purpose of going to Home Depot or Lowe’s to get materials for a shed I am building behind the house (manly activity). Unfortunately, neither had what I wanted or what they had was more than I wanted to pay (no coupons either), so I didn’t get my materials. I will send photo of the shed in the next few days.

While in TF, I also made my shopping list for Albertson’s to use the double coupons and get the last of the Post cereals with my IP and manufacturers’ coupons. It took me a few minutes after I arrived to decide which three items would be the winners for the Double Coupon match. The winners: Pickles ($.99 after coupons; Gillette Gel ($.50 after coupons); BC frosting ($1.00 after coupons).

I had enough coupons – and actually found enough boxes – to get the Post Trail Mix Crunch for free and to get another $5.00 Catalina. I used $20.00 in Catalinas to pay for six boxes of Post Shredded Wheat (got another $5.00 Catalina), 10 bags of Knorr Rice Sides ($5.00), and the balance on the pickles, gel, and frosting.

Now, an interesting thing happened. As I was leaving the store, I double-checked my receipts and noticed that the $1.00 off the two box purchase of Post cereal did not appear on my Shredded Wheat purchase. So, I went to CS and asked them if was reading the receipt correctly. Fortunately, I was about ten feet away from the sign that stated $1.57 a box when you buy two (I purchased six). So, the CS person returned $3.18 to me. Which meant that one of the $5.00 Catalinas was used to pay the sales tax on some of the purchases I had made.

When I left home earlier that day, I had $20.00 in Catalinas and $7.74 in hard cash for a total of $27.74. When I returned home, I had $10.00 in Catalinas and $8.81 in hard cash for a total of $18.81. So the difference – the purchase price for all items in the photo – was $8.93 paid with $10.00 worth of Catalinas and returning $1.07 in change to me!

I did have to smile as I rolled my cart to the checkstand. The cashier looked in the cart and at my coupons, sighed, and asked, “How do you want to ring this up?” I think she made me, even though I am not a Krazy Lady. But I was not in full KCG uniform with initials and cape, so I am not sure how she recognized me. Maybe the cashiers have been trained to spot the Krazies. I wonder if I was her first Krazy Coupon Guy? I hope so. They say you never forget your first.

I eventually want to get to the pyschology of things, but my recent narratives of purchases have been too long. I’ll send an email in the next few days without reference to purchases and see if I can articulate some things I see when shopping, the stares (not nice stares, either) I get from people when they see the reams of coupons laced in my fingers while filling my basket. I am sure I noticed more than a few people running to the checkout stand just to be sure they were ahead of me and my coupons.

-Krazy Coupon Rick