Just wanted to be sure you’re all aware of the places that do Kidvantage, Kid Tough, etc. My son is wearing holes in the knees of his pants ALL THE TIME! So, I always buy my pants at either Sears (my favorite) or Shopko. When your kids wear holes in their clothes, you just take them back and get a new pair (the same size, of course)…for no cost. You have to save your receipts if you buy Levi’s, but that’s the only brand I’m aware of you even have to save your receipt for. This saves us a TON of money. There is one pair of pants I took back today that I’ve replaced at least 3 times (sadly, I am not exaggerating). And, while I was there, I picked up another pair of pants for $12 on sale, and a $5 pair on clearance too (going home with 3 pairs of new jeans for $17). Cha-ching!