We had a question from a reader a few days ago:
“Hi guys I have a question about clearance items, I was at Albertson’s on 17th and state and they had a bunch of the pledge products on clearance. I had a coupon which would have made them free and the cashier told me that they didn’t take coupons on clearance items. Is this true? Thanks for the help!”

I knew that Albertson’s accepted coupons on clearanced items, but I wanted it in writing, so I emailed Corporate. I would suggest printing this and keeping it in your binder for future reference

Good afternoon, Ms. Wheeler.

I am the Albertsons Area Service Manager for Idaho and have received your customer comment (below). I am happy to respond and give you clarification on your question.

We do accept manufacturer coupons for clearance items in our store as long as the qualifying restrictions of the coupon are met (expiration, specified item, etc.)

In the event an item is on clearance in our store and you have a coupon for that item that exceeds the clearance retail, we can redeem the coupon for the max value of the retail price.

All items must still have Idaho state tax applied to them that we must collect by law.

I hope this clarifies your question. Thank you for shopping our Emmett Albertsons!!

Have a great day!

Michael PowersID & E. MT Areas Service Manager
SUPERVALU/Albertsons – IMW Division

Basically he is saying YES they accept a manufacturer coupon for an item that is being clearanced, and if the coupon’s value exceeds the price of the item, they will just adjust it down! Simple as that!
Hope this helps!!
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