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Dear Krazies,

Following is a photo and description of my brother’s (Pete) Walgreens visits. He said he had to go to two Walgreens to get all the items. Many were paid for with RR’s from previous purchases. He is already waiting for the next sales flyer.

Pete wrote, “Here is most of what I got at Walgreen’s. I have one more can of shaving cream and three more toothbrushes. My oop was approx. $18.00 and the actual cost was approx. $65.00. Even figuring the # of trips it took into the store, not too bad on the savings aspect.”

This tells me Pete used a combination of $47 of coupons and RR’s for his purchases.

I have a sister (Lisa) in SLC who went to Albertson’s yesterday and called to say she got her first Catalina’s and on Mondays will gather all the coupon inserts/flyers from the paper at work. She went to your site and the PYP site and believes yours is more user-friendly. I believe she will also get her newly married daughter hooked on couponing.

I hope we don’t stall the slowly recovering economy by spending less on groceries/household items than we would have before investigating and joining the Church of Kouponology. I try to explain to many people how they too can save money. I try to describe the temporal characteristics of the two High Priestesses of the church (whom I believe exist but have no sure proof). I then ask what they know about Kouponing and whould they like to know more?

You would have thought I had asked them to go to a chiropractor instead of a doctor or believe in the wave theory vs. particle theory of light or the hope that Jen and Brad will ever reunite. They have accused me of joining the Krazy Koupon Kult (KKK) but I quickly tell them that there are no similarities to any other KKK organizations. Unless, of course, there are koupons for white sheets that return Katalinas or RR’s. Until then, we will proudly – and without shame – strut the aisles of any store stalking the sale.

But now, in my Bizzaro world, they are the ones who seem Crazy (insane), while the Krazies are sane. Who would willingly spend more money than necessary? They are like lost sheep blindly wandering in the wilderness in need of a shepardess or two who will lead them to the light of savings and peace and harmony.

With the growing volumes of doctrine being promulgated via your site (the one true site), I am sure at some point there will be an index or concordance to allow neophytes a place to begin their life-long worship of the Koupon and will allow searchers and researchers a way to delve into the greater truths of the Kouponism.